Zoom Meeting 3 – Torchlight Project

Zoom Meeting 3 – Torchlight Project

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A Zoom Presentation regarding the Torchlight Project (property acquisition) will be held on Tuesday December 22, 2020 at 5:00 PM. The presentation is for Bay Point property owners and is not open to the public or to the press.

Please call the office (850-234-2727) to reserve your seat. There are 40 seats available for this Zoom Presentation. The office will need your email address in order to send you the log in information for the Presentation. The email with the log in information will be sent out on Monday 12/21 after twelve noon.

The meeting agenda is as follows:  the waiting room will open at 4:30 PM, the presentation will begin at 5:00. The presentation will provide conference welcome and instructions for asking questions (5-10 minutes); the video presentation (25-30 minutes) and questions and answers (75-90 minutes).

Thank you for your interest in these continuing presentations.


  1. We registered Monday morning for the Tuesday meeting and we never received an email with the login information. I called again today and confirmed my email address and still haven’t received anything. The meeting started 15 minutes ago…very disappointing.

  2. Questions:
    How many owners at $9000 over 10 years?
    What “shareholder” (Sheraton, The Grand, Legends Edge, St.Joe, Turtle Grass, Bay View, The Towers) participation?
    Who will be the “Owner”?
    What provision for enforcement with delinquent owners? Liens can take long time to collect. Other options?
    Any consideration for an “Executive” golf course considering we are ” resort” community?
    If we cannot get a ROI and the debt continues to increase is there any thought for an escape/resale strategy?
    What consideration for our inability to support the previous “club house”?
    What provision for future BOD changes of leadership?
    What assessments have been made by outside/ 3rd parties?
    Any consideration given to “share” ownership to be sold with future real estate sales?
    If this deal doesn’t work is there a chance of finding an investment partner?

    As one previous commenter suggested this is just the tip of the iceberg. Has any estimate been made for the total cost of ownership and operation over the 10 years of initial assessments? Even if we don”t build out to the any of the other suggested amenities.
    The video refers to “plans” but in reality they are objectives, goals and ideas. Plans should be presented on paper similar to what Torchlight presented.

  3. If you levy a special assessment for the purchase of the courses and other improvements, please base your assessment on the value of our individual properties. It doesn’t seem fair to have equal assessments. A thousand dollars to me would be a hardship while a thousand dollars to someone else maybe just a spit in the bucket. Be considerate of the retirees who live on a fixed income. If you are not, you will loose some very nice neighbors who love Bay Point and would hate to be forced to sell because of an outrageous assessment.

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