Your HOA and Social Media Gone Wild

Your HOA and Social Media Gone Wild

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This morning a friend sent me recent social media postings with respect the Bay Point Weakfish Way discussion. First, I want to say I admire the energy of the handful of persons responsible for most of the postings; however, they should redirect their energy to more effective channels to accomplish their goals. Secondly, what is very evident from the postings is that the persons doing the postings and making all kinds of suggestions to include immediately issuing a stop work order have little or no education in community association management, the Florida Homeowners Association Act & related case law, are not familiar with Bay Point’s governing documents, and have not researched the deeds of the property they are referring to.

In addition, the accusations directed toward BPCA board members about having pre-determined their positions, cronyism, etc. are without any foundation in fact. I can tell you and document that the BPCA board members and staff that are accused of the foregoing have spent numerous hours researching documents and working with one of best community association attorneys in the state to properly and lawfully address the issue without violating property owner’s legal rights.

While the BPCA, in an effort to assist the Bay Point West Community, is spending significant time and resources on this issue, the Bay Point West Association claims to have responsibility for roads and grounds and Architectural Review within Bay Point West. Those concerned should be asking the Bay Point West board members what they are doing about this issue. Furthermore, the lack of prior enforcement of related issues by the Bay Point West board has created the environment responsible for exacerbating the current situation.

Now, with respect to my first suggestion, those expressing their concerns on social media should instead volunteer to serve on Bay Point West committees to more effectively accomplish their desired mission. I am certain the Bay Point West board members would be delighted to see that all concerned individuals serve on a committee of their choice; accordingly, I am including the Bay Point West board members contact information, below, so that concerned property owners know who to contact to volunteer their time and resources:

Hopefully, with a group of new and energized volunteers, Bay Point West will become more active in consistent and continuous enforcement of the Covenants and related governing documents that they are empowered to enforce.

Let’s work together and within the Florida Homeowners Association Act to ensure that our Covenants, By-Laws, and Rules are enforceable and properly enforced without resorting to baseless and unsubstantiated allegations leveled on some self satisfying social media platform.

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