Withdrawl of Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Withdrawl of Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

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This morning, in the BPCA conference room, several residents of Bay Point met with Bay County Commission Chairman “Griff” Griffitts, the County Attorney, the county Director of Community Development, and the Assistant County Manager, with respect to the proposal to eliminate Policy 3.4.5 from the Bay County Comprehensive Plan.

The meeting was educational, courteous, and productive. As a result of the meeting and the efforts by many members of the community to muster community opposition to the proposal, Chairman Griffitts informed us of his decision to ask the sponsor of the proposal to withdraw their application.

Below is a letter I just received from Chairman Griffitts. Many thanks to Griff and his staff for their time, courtesy, and actions.


Letter to William Warner re Bay Point DRI 5-1-2019


  1. We certainly appreciate BPCA keeping the BP property owners informed of any potential changes to our community! This specific incident is particularly important to me as our property borders the Meadows. As of now the course looks like a vacant overgrown with weeds field. Let’s hope the Meadows owners restore it to its original condition soon.

    Steve Geczy

  2. I certainly agree this is a great change. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Meadows will be renovated as a golf course. Given the damage, it would appear that the course would be real close to starting from scratch. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Fabulous job gentlemen! Thank you for taking the time to support the BP community.

    John Sederquist

  4. Very good news. Thanx to all that helped facilitate this important meeting and for working with County Officials to get a desirable outcome.

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