United States Postal Service Notification for Bay Point Customers

United States Postal Service Notification for Bay Point Customers

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Bay Point received the following notice from the United States Postal Service in regard to package deliveries to Contract Postal Units (CPU) including Bay Point.


  1. Would you tell us who is the author of this notice. I do not feel that it came from anyone other than the local manager, who happens to be the sister-in-law of the current BPCA President. Why has this been a problem only during the time the sister-in-law has managed the local Post Office? I want to see a return to our once friendly Post Office. The rudeness, superiority and condescending atmosphere must be stopped!

    Glenn Keebler

  2. Please post a formal communication from our local Contract Postal Unit with an example of how to correctly address a package and or letter. Thanks. I have included a dummy street address and PO BOX number that can be used for the example.

    333 Shark Street
    Panama City, FL 32408

    PO BOX 29111
    Panama City, FL 32411

    • Good to the point examples – by experience the Shark Street address works for UPS/FEDEX but not USPS, the PO BOX address works for USPS but not for UPS/FEDEX. Heretofore a combination of both

      333 Shark Street
      Panama City, FL. 32408

      has worked for all senders, the question is will it still.

  3. Does this mean address differently ?? Only the PO Box ?? Or is this just directed at ensuring a PO Box number appears below the home street address ??

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