Uber Eats Has Never Been Denied Entry into Bay Point

Uber Eats Has Never Been Denied Entry into Bay Point

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Contrary to what the prolific purveyors of false information have posted on the local Facebook website, Uber Eats has never been denied entry into Bay Point.

On the evening of March 24th, several Uber Eats drivers were admitted into Bay Point; however, one Uber Eats driver was asked to wait at the front gate because he identified himself as a DoorDash driver. BPCA representatives have contacted the one affected Bay Point resident and explained the situation to her, to which she responded, “Thank you for the follow-up! No worries at all.”

The usual prolific purveyors of false information on the local “unofficial Bay Point Facebook websites” continue to mislead and victimize their innocent readers and defame our community by failing to provide their readers with well researched, truthful, and factual information.

The continued stirring of the pot with false and misleading information creates disharmony within our community leads to community defamation and devaluation. We are fortunate to live in one of the best communities in Florida and the best in Bay County, let’s quit trying to sensationalize every little inconsequential event with a social media post.


  1. Carl and Bill, will you at least call Captain Andersons and explain your policy toward DoorDash and ask them to change delivery companies for Bay Point? We don’t pick the delivery service, you know – the restaurant does.

  2. Reading a post on this site has almost become “entertainment” for me. When I receive an email notification, I am curious to see what sort of action the author will try to explain. It is being used as a social media defense mechanism more than a place where we can find noteworthy community information. I don’t think the defensive announcements are going to help deter those who feel negatively about the actions of particular board members; in fact, because the posts are usually condescending and insulting, they actually provide fuel for the people who are in favor of a recall.
    I’m still baffled by the stubbornness regarding the decision to ban Doordash. WHY HASN’T THIS DECISION BEEN AMENDED? It makes so much sense to compromise! Having driver’s submit an ID that can be checked on a list of banned drivers is so sensible!
    The bottom line is… this error would not have happened if Doordash drivers were allowed entry into our neighborhood.

  3. The “anonymous” writer of this post does a disservice to his/her office by using demeaning epithets for any Bay Point owner or group of owners. It is inappropriate for a community web page. I encourage the BPCA to appoint a Communications Director to present this type of communication to the community in an effective manner that respects all owners. This incident was simply a mistake. While social media did “run with it,” social media also corrected the post and clarified the mixup.

  4. Not sure who the author of this post is, but I take personal affront to the allegations “we” owners are “the prolific purveyors of false information” as alleged here. I personally did MY due diligence and looked into it as it just didn’t ring true. I found it was in fact a miscommunication on the part of the driver, who identified him/herself as a Door Dash delivery person. I posted that explanation on the “unofficial Bay Point website…”.

    Before you cast that first stone, please make sure you’ve got your $h%t together!

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