Tuesday October 30, 2018 Update News as of 5:10PM

Tuesday October 30, 2018 Update News as of 5:10PM

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Tomorrow (Wednesday October 31st) there will be a Halloween Party (including a small fair!) held in Marina Park. The party includes “Trick or Treats” for children and fun and games as well.  This event is a volunteer effort so please step up and volunteer when you get there. Party Time is 5:00PM until 8:00PM.  Wear your costume because you might be a standout participant that receives special recognition!

By the way there is NO DOOR TO DOOR TRICK OR TREATING in Bay Point this year.  Come join us at the park instead – it will be fun for all.

There have been numerous visits to the office seeking special consideration for contractors. The desire is to have a “special” contractor to do a roof or take down trees or whatever.  It is the law in Florida that all contractors be licensed by the State of Florida.  No other states license will suffice.  The contractor needs to provide proof of licensure, proof of insurance (both Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation).  The contractor needs to identify their Point of Contact (POC) and a copy of the POC’s driver’s license.  The office requires all the insurance and contractor license and POC’s driver’s license to be in paper form.

This afternoon the State’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) stopped by to check on BPCA’s efforts to comply with Florida’s laws.  BPCA is in compliance and the representatives from DBPR asked that we share the attached documents (four documents, use the arrow icons found when your cursor is in the upper left hand corner of the document, to move forward and backward) with all in the community.  Please read them and help your contractor get their paperwork in order so they will have a smooth time of seeking a permit (Orange Windshield Tag) to work in Bay Point.

Remember – it is the State Law. The staff at BPCA is trying hard to ensure all our residents are protected from bogus contractors and that BPCA is in compliance with State Laws.

And remember, civility matters. Thank your BPCA staff for all they are doing for all of us. Save your frustrations for the insurance company – that is coming to be sure!

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