Thursday November 8, 2018 Update News as of 10:45AM

Thursday November 8, 2018 Update News as of 10:45AM

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Topics in this Update:

  • Nate’s trash Pick Up Schedule

  • Tree and Debris Removal Efforts

  • Attorney Jay Roberts letter to BOD

  • CAM Lynn Briley Letter to BOD

  • Access Gate Update

Nate’s Trash pick up in Bay Point West is back to the normal schedule. Nate’s will pick up the trash on Monday and Thursday’s. Please remember to put your trash out no earlier than the evening before the scheduled pick up and to remove from the curb by evening of the scheduled trash pick up.

On November 1st, 2018 members of the Board of Directors came together in the BPCA Conference Room to discuss the self-nomination process for the upcoming BPCA elections.  The self-nomination closure date was October 15th, 2018.  On November 4th, 2018 BPCA Attorney Jay Roberts sent to all board members a letter stating his opinion in regards to the meeting. His letter can be viewed here (only subscribers of this website can access the letter).

On November 5th, 2018 BPCA’s CAM (Community Association Manager) Lynn Briley in a letter to all board members informed the BOD regarding the letter from Attorney Jay Roberts. Mr. Briley’s letter can be viewed here (only subscribers to the BPCA website can access the letter).

Tree and debris removal continues in the community.  These truck behemoths are snatching up as much material as possible from all the roadsides in the community.   Here is some useful information regarding these trucks. They haul some 90 yards of material. Though it may seem that their actions are random (they pick up a little here and then move up and pick up a little there) it is not.  The driver has discretion on what he loads into the truck.  But, the truck can only hold so much weight. Therefore each driver tries to fully load his truck by taking as much lighter debris (branches and clippings) and to it add larger pieces (the massive tree trunks we all see).  By doing this measured approach more debris gets removed each haul they make.  So, with this information please be patient and allow that these folks know a lot more about debris removal then we casual observers.  No matter the process it is amazing to watch these marvels do their work.

Gate access to Bay Point Community Association is in process of being repaired. Gorie-Regan (the system manufacturer) has come on site and inspected all of the hardware for the system. They developed a list of items that were damaged during Hurricane Michael and have placed those items on order.  The items should start shipping to BPCA shortly.  The length of the swing arms prevents driving over to Melbourne to pick the items up.  The gates should be back in operation by the end of November. Until then the gates will be manned. The Thomas Drive gate (the back gate) is open from 6:00AM until sunset.  If exiting or entering during that time frame please use the resident gate.


  1. I’m confused, over two weeks ago Lynn Briley stated the parts were being dropped shipped and the gates would be operational at the end of that week. This report states that gate arms couldn’t be picked up from Melbourne. (Why?) And as of the board meeting last night, it was stated it was a manufacturing issue. So we’ve been told 3 different stories, none making much sense, and we are still waiting until the end of the month for repairs. Clearly we pay for this service, or have already paid, and they can’t/won’t deliver. Are we seeking other companies who can actually deliver what they promise? This doesn’t seem to be acceptable business practice.

    • Indeed, it is frustrating. In the overall scheme of things this is what I understand of the situation. The parts were ordered and they ship from Melbourne. After the system assessment was completed the parts were ordered and some were not “in stock”. The parts ship from Melbourne and when it was learned that they had not shipped a suggestion was made to drive to Melbourne and pick up the stuff. After some investigating the size and weight of the gate arms presented an issue for private transportation. I have one other thought about “how long does this take”. The Hurricane was four weeks ago and I cannot get the materials to rebuild my screen room yet, it has taken several weeks to get a public adjuster to review the damage to my home because the insurance settlement is woefully short, etc. In my small part of the world the time to receive parts for the gates is long but understandable. For those that think our previous vendor would do a better job it is important to understand they couldn’t keep that system up and running and many window stickers were being given out to friends of friends. Anyway, things will improve with time and patience rather than ranting.

      • Ranting? I was simply asking a question because I had been given multiple and inconsistent answers and was hoping for some clarification, not belittlement. I also never mentioned that we should reinstate the previous vendor, I asked if we were “seeking other companies” who may be better equipped to meet our community needs. I was under the impression that this was a safe and up to date forum to ask and receive community information. I fully understand that delays are widespread as this hurricane proved to be devastating to many and patience is certainly called for by all.

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