Thursday November 1, 2018 Update News as of 8:30AM

Thursday November 1, 2018 Update News as of 8:30AM

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Items included in this update:

  • WOW Service Status

  • Canal Front Property Owners Update

  • Contractors required to register at BPCA office

  • Debris Removal Status in Bay County

WOW service to the BPCA office still remains out. WOW is scheduled to be onsite today to assess the issues and develop a service restoration plan. We will keep you apprised as new information becomes available.

Dear Canal Front Property Owner,

I’m writing to provide advisory information about the Canal, as I know it today. Please feel free to pass this information along to anyone else you know that might be interested. I have compiled this list of addressees simply because we have corresponded before.

As of today, the canal is open and passable. I brought my own personal vessel back from Treasure Island Marina Monday – coincidentally at the lowest tide of the year! I have also personally cruised the canal in a small skiff about 6-7 days after the storm, and made some notes, courtesy of one of our committee Members, David Jackson – Thanks Dave!!

If you take your boat, or anyone else’s for that matter, in or out of the canal, I urge you to exercise caution! Some debris, in particular a fairly large piece of a Magnolia tree in the middle of the canal near 507 Wahoo, has been removed. But it is what you don’t see that can be a problem. I have reason to believe there is a piling in the water very near the entrance around Weakfish Point, and perhaps another near the bridge, on the north side of center. On our “survey”, I noted many examples of damage to docks, screen enclosures, etc, and the location of any debris is hard to determine.

Right now, the marine contractors are understandably very busy, and it may be a while before we can get a thorough survey of the canal. I have no reason to suspect any shoaling in the canal, with the possibility of the Weakfish Channel (from Weakfish Point to the Marina), though I did not have a problem at low tide on Monday, and I draw 4 feet, so depth is not a problem, other than normal tides.

In the days ahead, we will again attempt to get a better idea of what’s out there, and you can help. Please report to me, or the office (though I’m told their phones are still not working as of right now), or any of the Board members or committee members. We will make note, and keep a running list of items that need attention.

Again, I cannot stress enough, though I’m sure some would like to go boating, if even for just a little while, please exercise extreme caution when transiting the canal, and especially in the vicinity of the Marina. They lost a lot of their docks, and there is no telling where the debris is. In fact, I encountered a displaced green channel marker, laying right in the middle, around marker 7 thru 11 outbound in the marina channel. I’m sure they will deal with it all, but not sure when.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and thanks for your attention.

Michael D. Williams
Bay Point Waterfront and Canal Front Property Owners Association, Inc.

Contractors Required to Register with BPCA during Disaster Relief

You may or may not be aware that our community has been inundated with maintenance and repair workers posing to be legitimate companies, when in fact, some are not what they appear to be. We determined very soon after Hurricane Michael that many worthy companies were standing by to assist in our relief efforts, but not all. Therefore, for reasons thought to assist you, our members, we decided to require any company desiring to do business in Bay Point to register at the BPCA office. We simply ask for their business license as well as proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance. We have been advised by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) to be on the lookout for scammers, unscrupulous workers, price gougers and the like. In fact, DBPR personnel have made several visits to Bay Point to assist us in identifying anyone who is not licensed to do business in the State of Florida, that license being a requirement of state law.

Unfortunately, these requirements have caused some delay for even the legitimate companies to get started in their work for you. The upside to this process is that you can be assured that you have a legitimate company working for you, and their workers are protected by their company insurance . . . a requirement which could cause legal issues for you should the insurance not be in effect. For these reasons, we felt it in the best interest of our members and our community to require the process of registration.

Here is a news item describing the debris removal status throughout Bay County.


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