Thomas Drive Pedestrian Gate – Reminder

Thomas Drive Pedestrian Gate – Reminder

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All pedestrians entering or leaving Bay Point via the Thomas Drive entrance must have a BPCA issued pass and enter or exit via the pedestrian gate. Bay Point residents may obtain a pedestrian gate pass at the BPCA office.

Also, please remember, bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited from entering or exiting via the Thomas Drive automobile traffic lanes and gates.


  1. Will this pedestrian gate policy go away when we have a guard at the back gate? Given the gate Crasher videos posted on this site, the implementation of our pedestrian gate policy and associated $250 fine does nothing to deter trespassers from entering our neighborhood.
    Our pedestrian gate policy is 100% effective in upsetting residents who are unable to enter the neighborhood without being subjected to the same fine as a trespasser (without paying an additional fee for a ‘gate card).

    Question: How can I trespass while trying to go home?
    Answer: Live in our ‘hood.
    Just stupid.

  2. This might be a stupid question but I am reading this to mean that if a Bay Point resident has a BPCA issued pass which is required to exit and enter via the pedestrian gate, they are not allowed to walk through that gate if they have a bicycle with them? And they are not allowed to ride or walk a bicycle through the automobile gate? Or is the bicycle rule only for the automobile gate? And is there a fee for the pedestrian gate pass that is required to enter and exit our neighborhood by foot?
    Chris Charles

    • I want thank those who commented for their constructive comments. Please remember the rule regarding pedestrian access via the Thomas Drive gate was written years ago, when we didn’t have a security officer at the gate, in order to control ingress and egress by unauthorized persons. No that we plan to have a security officer stationed at the Thomas Drive gate, I am working with some of my fellow board members to tweak or modify the rule to be less constraining to our residents. I am hoping we can have the proposed modified rule available for consideration during our September 9th board meeting. However, please understand that anyone entering or exiting will still have to be able to prove they are residents of Bay Point. Until a new rule is approved, the existing rule will still have to be enforced. Thank you for your patience. /Carl

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