The Wrong Guy is on the Board

The Wrong Guy is on the Board

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Attached on the right is a Facebook post made by Mr. Steve Hord. Mr. Hord, among other things, is the Vice President of the Bay Point West Board of Directors. In that role he represents the owners within Bay Point West who trust he will work and act to the betterment of that organization and the community as a whole. Read the Facebook post from Mr. Hord. The purpose behind the posting is unclear, appears to be random, and is obviously crude and very uncomplimentary. I hope that’s not the standard for a Vice President of a large community board.

What is also interesting is that Mr. Hord is seeking the support of BPCA to help fine and punish the Bay Point West homeowners who put up 6 ft. fences along the Meadows golf course since Hurricane Michael. The two BPCA BOD officers Mr. Hord reached out to for support with his initiative are William Wanner and Carl Selph, the same two individuals he mocks in his Facebook post. At Steve’s request, a meeting to discuss his proposal to fine and lien BPW homeowners is set for Friday with the BPCA attorney present.

On Monday, BPCA received a letter from Attorney Brian Hess regarding the 6 foot fence issue in Bay Point West.  Apparently several BPW homeowners have hired Mr. Hess to fight Mr. Hord’s intentions to fine them and lien their property. Mr. Hess is asking the support of the BPCA BOD to counter the efforts of Mr. Hord and the BPW board. Now there is a twist, as Mr. Hess was formerly a legal advisor to Walt Rankin and the BPW board.

So here we are: Mr. Hord sent out a demeaning post, embarrassing himself and his position within the community. He is trying to solicit help from the BPCA BOD (in particular the people he intentionally demeans in his Facebook post) to issue fines and liens on BPW homeowners, while the same homeowners of BPW that he seeks to fine and lien their property seek legal help to prevent Mr. Hord from fining them and placing liens on their property.

You have to ask if Mr. Hord should be on the BPW board, or any Board at all?  His actions certainly bring that question into focus.

Bill Wanner


  1. I know that both Mr. Wanner and Mr. Hord have put tremendous effort into the Bay Point Community. I thank you both for those efforts. I appreciate the extreme efforts to rebuild and reimage Bay Point, especially after the devastation of Hurricane Michael. Please don’t diminish your wonderful work in this way. Comments on the Bay Point site should be professional and informative. It reflects on the community itself. If I were looking to purchase a home and I saw this sort of information on a Community Website, I would have to think seriously before making a decision to enter a community that posts divisiveness on the official website.

  2. Bill, you’re asking if Steve Hord should be on the BPW Board. I’m curious what disturbs you more, that he’s working to enforce established covenants or that he has a sense of humor and posts funny things on Facebook? Steve is proof that you can be an effective leader in the community and still be personable and approachable. He’s always willing to help out whether it be with his hard work or source of useful information. The overwhelming support he’s receiving in response to your post (on FB and this site) is certainly representative of that and should be eye opening for you on how you’re viewed so differently by this community. Rather than be defensive and attack others why not work on listening to what the community wants from their Board members and adjusting accordingly?

  3. Holy smokes, Batman! Talk about the wrong forum to post this squabble. Please understand that us unruly residents simply want to receive our mail, get food delivered in a pandemic (and otherwise), not have our funds wasted on pipe dreams, and want transparency and respect from the people making these unilateral decisions. This household supports the recall of the known culprits of these issues. Please do the right thing and gracefully step down so we as residents can find solutions that work for as many of our neighbors as possible.

  4. The wrong guy is on the Board. Steve Hord would be a great President of our community.

  5. Since it has been brought up here, I will respond. I have lived in Bay Point for over 10 years and have followed rules and restrictions. When we got a picture of a few pieces of torpedo grass that were protruding from the junipers that were actually in the right of way and not on our property. We called and had someone go to the property and remove them. We were in North Carolina at the time and our yard was being well maintained and even won yard of the month at one time. We thought the picture was a little petty since the vacant lot next door was in horrible shape and I had even mowed it myself a couple of times.
    We do try to be good neighbors and follow the rules. However, sometimes the rules need to be reviewed for efficacy and relevance. The restriction in question states that no fence exceeding 4 foot in height can be erected past the back corner of your home. In the ten years that I have lived here I have seen many fences that exceed 4 feet. Some of them were erected during that ten years. We are being told now that if they have been there 5 years they can stay. The purpose of that rule it seems is to allow people to have a better view of the golf course. A reasonable person would have concluded that the rule was abandoned long before the storm. Our position is as follows.
    1) The rule is not effective because pool enclosures are allowed which block peoples’ view. To make it worse, it seems from observation and a recent ARC fence approval that it you have a pool enclosure, the pool enclosure becomes the back of you house and the fence can be 6 feet to the back of that. Also, there is no restriction on the height of shrubs that can be planted which block views.
    2) The rule was abandoned a long time ago.
    3) The rule is being selectively enforced as everyone is not having to comply.
    4) We do not currently live on a golf course and may never again.
    5) There is a security issue since the storm with people entering Bay Pont through the former golf course. There are also a lot of coyotes being heard and spotted on the meadows.
    6) Bay Point paid for and erected 6 foot fences in other areas since the storm for the security of the residents. The back stretch of Wahoo and along Magnolia before you get to the golf course.
    In summary, this rule is not having the effect that was intended and there is no uniformity with the intent of the rule or with the security issues that some of us face while others are secured with 6 foot fences.

  6. With all the personal drama set aside and the unprofessional manner at which the BP President has chosen to address it using an official outlet…… The biggest take away is that the BP BOD President does not support the enforcement of BP covenants. Or did I read that wrong?


  8. Mr. Wanner, this post, whatever the motivation, is quite simply inappropriate for the BPCA website. It is also unbecoming of the current President of OUR community Board of Directors to post it. Your cries of foul would be the loudest if it had a been a Bay Point community owner who posted something like this. That said, I will have to raise a glass to the post since it cannot help but contribute to your recall as President and Mr.Selph’s recall as 1st Vice President.

  9. I am appalled by the fact that this screenshot was posted or mentioned on this site. Obviously, the facebook screenshot post is a ridiculous, immature reaction to something that you do not like. This is not the place for you to try to “even the score.” I have been a homeowner in Bay Point for over 15 years, and I have kept to myself, until recently, regarding community association politics. I don’t know Steve, but feel compelled to support him because of recent actions taken by some of our current board members.
    I do not understand why our board is able to make decisions that MANY, MANY residents disagree with, especially when reasonable compromises and solutions are available. This is another example of some sort of power struggle when the focus should be on representing the residents in a positive way.

    I agree with Martin, “The comments at the board meeting about the community being idiots because those writing the posts are uneducated is also ludicrous.
    I am an upstanding member of this community and share the frustration over the ignorance that the BOD has displayed. In the handling of their financial obligations to us when they spent almost $200k on a deal that no one in my position would ever even entertain, the door dash debacle and now, the post office returning my mail that was properly addressed.”

    I am disheartened that a facebook message was sent out on this website to continue drama. It is embarrassing.

  10. Bill-

    I am sure you are very aware, however that post and comment was on the Facebook Bay Point News and Information site that you are a member of. It was a response to a post that someone posted asking what the very loud boom heard and felt in the neighborhood was. It was obviously satirical in nature and found to be that way by most all who read it, with apparently the exception of you. Why you chose to not reply on that same thread but instead to prepare and mail out a separate email to all residents of Bay Point via a official Web site of the community is beyond me. I suppose it is because you are embarrassed. If I were you, I certainly would be too. I would be absolutely embarrassed that I breached my fiduciary responsibility to the community and completely wasted over $200,000.00 of the owners monies chasing a pipe dream for you to own a golf course. So many people reached out asking you to stop that run away train and be realistic but you refused to listen as usual. I emailed everyone on the BPCA board and begged you to please stop this fictitious $8.7 million dollar amenity addition as it had no facts to back it. One board member replied, only one. That was Walt Rankin. He emailed me back and said you are wasting your time Steve. Bill and Carl do not care and they will not even reply to you. He was correct. Just like all other issues in Bay Point, when addressed you go radio silent. You do not listen to the residents or represent them. You act as though you know best and we should all just listen to you. That is foolish. The hiring of a very qualified General Manager took a lot of time and effort. We got an excellent GM from Hawaii, moving here for family and fit our community perfectly. He came and found that you were not looking for a GM, you wanted to run the show and he was to answer to you, so he quit. We have an “Acting GM” but no search for a full time position, as this does not fit your agenda. Additionally you chose to hire your family member to replace the long term Post office Management. While I have no idea what the situation was in the Post Office that would require the firing of the previous managers, the use of nepotism in such a way as this should never be done, regardless of their qualifications, if any. Numerous, numerous complaints about her attitude to the residents and employees fell on deaf ears. Had she been a standard hire, they would have been addressed. But as they say, blood is thicker than water. Bay point has been here well over 50 years, and never have we had speed bumps in place. Do you feel they were never discussed? Of course they have been, however the residents did not want them. So in your meeting, when people were allowed to speak for 4 minutes and you made it clear that you did not have to respond, but only listen to them, then there were no residents allowed to talk after, you allowed them to be installed in a rush fashion. $10,000 for the first 4 that were so hard they knocked your car loose. We lost that money as they had to be removed. New ones were installed in unplanned random locations with one on a curve and one causing flooding into a residents driveway and home. Both wasting monies and causing aggravation in the neighborhood. I have no idea where to begin on the Door-dash debacle. So many residents are upset about that and it should be handled in a much more logical and controlled way. Again, you refuse to listen to the community as you feel you know best. Board meetings held by you constantly resist transparency. Refusing live streaming and fighting tooth and nail against even allowing recordings even as they are allowed under Statues. The main reason the statute does allow them is to prevent people like you from acting like you. You have no choice but to allow it. As far as me, yes you are correct, I am the Vice president of Bay Point West and the Chairman of the Architectural Review Committee. The previous Chairman had sent out numerous letters to residents who installed fences that are in violation of the rules in BPCA and BPW. Months have passed and I have residents calling me on them constantly. Some wanting them, some complaining about them. All asking what we are going to do. Personally, I could care less about a 6′ fence. I think that rule should be changed. However, it is the rule, and the board has chosen for it to be in place. You and I have had discussions about BPCA overseeing BPW and the authority of any fines or liens or other enforcement coming through BPCA. I reached out to you and told you that we needed to put these things to be and we would be sending letters to owners giving them time to comply with the rule or unfortunately face fines. I asked if BPCA intended to support that, so we would not be wasting our time. You replied that we should have a teleconference with the BPCA attorney to ensure legal compliance, which I agreed. I am simply following the rules, and doing as my position as Chairman requires. Therefore, I guess your statement about me doing my job is a backhanded compliment. As far as Brian Hess sending BPCA a letter from residents goes, I am well aware. I have a friend who lives on Dolphin who has a 6′ fence. We talk at length of this issue and I respect his position on the rules and the condition of the golf course out his back yard. I encouraged him to speak with legal council and recommended Brian to him, as he is well aware of Bay Point. I feel that is a fair and honest way to assist a resident and handle a situation. As apposed to your logic, I do not see the board and the residents as and Us vs. them mentality. I see it as we are them. I treat people with respect. I listen and I do my best to find a creative way for us all to get along and make Bay Point what we all want. That is a huge difference between you and me. You are very aware that a large group of residents have banded together to recall you and Carl Self off the BPCA board. (It will be the 2nd time residents have asked to remove Carl….) In a few short days, residents started a Go Fund me account and raised over $6,000.00 to cover expenses to get you two out. If I were you, I would be embarrassed and simply resign, allowing the monies to be returned to the owners. However, I don’t expect that from either of you, and I feel that a strong turn out will be had to force your removal. This vote will turn out much different than you felt the last vote this community had. The residents are tired of the waste. Tired of being ignored. Tired of being talked down to, tired of chauvinistic remarks, being called liars or cheapskates. It is time for change in Bay Point. It is time for us to be the community that we need to be, and I ask that you move out of the way and let that occur. The wrong guy is on the board? You are correct. It is time for you and Carl to step aside.

    Steve Hord
    1421 Trout Drive
    (850) 624-5255

  11. Please please please stop this childish re-posting and try to understand: 1) residents frustration with the recent unnecessary expenditures for a proposal that never had significant support; 2) historical lack of maintaining restrictions and covenants for our properties thus affecting our property values; 3) complaining about a satirical Facebook post; 4) posting “quips” about the post office. We are facing serious issues and we need leaders who will lead. That means we need our board to be clear, in distracted, transparent, quick to listen to all sides, responsive rather than reactive and, probably most of all, willing to lead with clear objectives for what is best for our entire community. The cumulative effect of failures in these key areas of leadership have many of us wondering how we can go forward in this climate of poor decision making, misuse of resources and downright garden-variety poor judgement. Please get out of the weeds and focus on the good of our community and stop complaining about what people post on Facebook.

  12. Quite honestly, I find the copy and paste of this post on this site ludicrous. I don’t know Steve personally but I share the humor in the post.

    I am a highly educated and decorated professional, just so we are clear. The comments at the board meeting about the community being idiots because those writing the posts are uneducated is also ludicrous.

    I am an upstanding member of this community and share the frustration over the ignorance that the BOD has displayed. In the handling of their financial obligations to us when they spent almost $200k on a deal that no one in my position would ever even entertain, the door dash debacle and now, the post office returning my mail that was properly addressed.

    Suffice it to say, we have issues. We need to be respectful, yet we also have freedom of speech.

    I’m ashamed of how our beautiful community has become one of autocratic management by certain members of the BOD. We have a voice – it is ignored. By the way, I think many remember me being called, “little lady” in a meeting in a very condescending manner.

    The fact that the board puts this on this site, shows that they are absolutely out of touch.

    • Excellent points.

    • Just another distraction to take peoples eyes off Wanner and Selph. It’s cheap tactics merely to distract the whole community. All should know the Covents and Restrictions in Bay Point. Anytime you have major work done to your home or putting up a fence you should get approval prior to starting any work.

  13. I don’t think I can add much to what has been said in the above 4 comments. Bill, you obviously don’t recognize satire when you see it. Personally, I thought it was damned funny.

    You took Steve’s comment out of context. He wasn’t responding to you… had you printed the beginning of the post, you would have seen it was in response to someone’s question about a loud “boom”.

    “The Wrong Guy is On The Board”???? Your response is at the very least immature.

  14. Quick question…. Mr. Wanner, you do realize you just admitted on an official communication outlet that you do not support the Bay Point rules and regulations set by the HOA? Interesting…….

  15. Using the BPCA email to disrespect any member of the community is uncalled for, disrespectful, vindictive, and should not be tolerated. Emails should only come from the office staff regarding pertinent information concerning homeowners, not personal beliefs or agendas, regardless of the situation.

    Mark Dopkowski
    904 Cobia Dr

  16. I find Mr Hord’s post on facebook humorously written, while it maybe “crude and very uncomplimentary” as noted, it is less offensive than the “The Wrong Guy is on the Board” posting. So here we are, someone (fill in the name you prefer) sent out a demeaning post, embarrassing himself and his position within the community.

  17. Steve has his faults, (he’s my husband so I know 😉) but he loves this community and has Bay Point’s best interest at heart.

    Yes, “he” or more appropriately the entire BPW Board and ARC are working to get homeowners who built their fences out of compliance into compliance and wants to be sure it’s done legally and with the support of BPCA. Ironically, Steve is the one that suggested the homeowners speak with Hess in the first place. If there was a way for the homeowners to keep their 6 foot fence legally, he wanted them to be able to. If not, he is charged with enforcing the rules set forth in our C&R’s and R&R’s.

    He has singlehandedly organized the planting of the palm trees and lighting along the Wahoo straightaway and he along with ARC and R&G have made tremendous progress in his 8 short months on the board.

    I can speak for MANY residents when I say he is always available to discuss any issues and works hard to keep everyone informed and aware of what is happening around the neighborhood.

    Clearly what he said last night was satire. Any and all issues he joked about have been a huge topic of conversation on this page and others. I think using a position/information to send a direct email to all homeowners in response to a satirical Facebook post is tacky and unprofessional at best. I can’t help but think this is a direct retaliation because we have been vocal about voting no on the Torchlight deal and YES on the recall.

    I hope everyone takes the time to read this and hopefully it will help you make up your mind, if you haven’t already, as to how you will vote in the upcoming recall of Bill Wanner and Carl Selph. They are the center of 99% of all “drama” and negativity within this community.

    Thank you to the numerous people that reached out to us and offered your support. You are appreciated.

    Steve will be issuing his own response after work.

  18. Bay Point News & Information is a Homeowners page. Mr. Hord is an owner just as you are, how unprofessional of you to post this *for homeowners only business out in a public way. You had every right to speak with him about this one on one. Instead you attack him and make really broad accusations. HE doesn’t fine any of his neighbors HE is following the rules set forth in or C,C & R’s. As homeowners we all agreed to these standing rules, there should be nothing shocking there. So if I understand you right, rules are only rules when you need them to be, that’s not how our C,C & R’s work Mr. President. Sidenote: Your words, “I hope that’s not the standard for a Vice President of a large community board” well sir, why don’t you tell us just what the standards are and we will compare them to your current VP. as our acting President you should be ashamed of yourself.

  19. This post is the one I’m more concerned about. He’s on Facebook – you’re using an official communication. Cut it out.

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