The Golf Courses – Great News!

The Golf Courses – Great News!

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The Golf Courses

April 2021

One journey has ended, and another has begun. The acquisition of the two Bay Point golf course properties by the Warren’s has completed a lengthy project which really began in December of 2019. At that time Torchlight showed Bay Point their first rendering of 325 homes and condos occupying the Meadows property. The odyssey from then to now has had a few twists and turns, up and downs, and has at last ended in good stead. Congratulations to the Warren’s for staying the course when various factors around the acquisition got a little squirrely. We all thank John and Karen for rescuing the property from the many dire ‘would have beens’ that we all know truly lurked outside the gates. All of the community express our deep gratitude for stepping in when it looked bleak and for putting this community foremost in their priority. This is one of those events which will live in the legacy of Bay Point. Many, many thanks.

The next journey is almost as diverse. Many things were discovered during John’s due diligence period and they need to be addressed. Those are on the list of priorities now that the property is secured. John Warren chose Bobby Jones Links to manage the courses. John has decided to retain them and that will be a great add to Bay Point. Bobby Jones Links is experienced, knowledgeable and highly successful wherever they have gone. They will bring a whole new culture to the operation. In addition, Mr. Warren has been keenly anxious to get started on cleanup of the Meadows. He has wanted to start well before closing on the purchase and has toured it in his ‘Polaris Ranger’ several times. He has many more ideas on bringing value to the community. It’s all good from here. Bay Point homeowners’ support and patience while the improvements occur will be necessary. But The Warrens have the community’s interests first and foremost in everything they do and plan. Thanks John and Karen, Congrats!


  1. Congratulations & thank you!!!
    We live on Meadows 18 and cannot wait to learn more about your vision for this course.
    Reggie & Candi Breault
    Golf Villas II

  2. We are so very fortunate to have community spirited citizens, John and Karen Warren, in our Bay Point neighborhood. When the members of BPCA turned down the opportunity to fund and purchase the 320 plus acres of the former Meadows and current Nicklaus golf courses, it sent a clear signal to the New York investment company owner of the property – it is time to apply for development orders and begin placing poorly planned housing units on the former Meadows course.

    Fortunately for Bay Point, John and Karen stepped up to the plate and began negotiating with the New York investment company to purchase the 320 plus acres with the same basic contract structure that had been offered to Bay Point. I do not know, in great detail, what John and Karen have planned for the former Meadows course, but I do know it does include immediate clean-up, work on the storm water management system to help alleviate the flooding, eventually placing attractive fencing along Magnolia and Delwood, and that they will work with BPCA as responsible community citizens.

    With respect to the existing Nicklaus golf course, I do know some improvements are in the works for our golf members and guests. One of those improvements is the engaging of Bobby Jones Links management company to manage the golf operations. I don’t know specifically what other improvements may be in the works, but I do know that John and Karen don’t do anything half-way.

    Again, thank you John and Karen; all of us are thrilled with the bright new future you bring to Bay Point with your recent purchase and we stand ready to assist, however we can. It is a real relief and blessing to know those 320 plus acres are in the hands of friends that will be great stewards of the property.

  3. Thank you John and Karen. I’m sure the entire community has breathed a collective sigh of relief. It’s wonderful to see the plethora of activity around the courses. I’m personally happy because I don’t have to continue to “look left” to the 18th fairway of the Nicklaus from my windows to avoid looking right at the poor 18th Meadows fairway. I think we’re all excited to see what great things are in store for our community.

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