The Future of Bay Point – Your Thoughts

The Future of Bay Point – Your Thoughts

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Bay Point Community Association requests your participation in a survey/questionnaire about the future of our community.  Your opinion is critical as we continue to plan the way forward for the two golf courses and some exciting new amenities.  

We are asking that you and/or any other adult(s) in your household please take about 10 to 15 minutes from your busy schedule to complete the survey/questionnaire.  The information you provide is vital in helping to shape the future of Bay Point.

You can complete the survey/questionnaire by clicking on the “Go to” link below. The survey/questionnaire is being conducted through the Survey Monkey web portal.  If you prefer to complete a paper survey/questionnaire, starting Friday 9/25 you can collect one at the Bay Point Community Association Office at 4000 Marriott Drive Suite C, Panama City, FL 32408 or the Bay Point Post Office at 3900 Marriott Drive, Panama City, FL 32408, or you can request a survey/questionnaire be sent to you by mail by leaving your mailing address at 877-789-5247.  

Time is of the essence!

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  1. I may have inadvertently logged out without posting my previous comment so I must start over.

    While I admire out BOD’s solicitation of owner comments, I fear the $4.4 million golf course purchase may represent the tip of the proverbial iceberg. As we add the cost for golf course restoration, club house construction, swimming pool construction, walking paths, play yard and other suggested amenities and all cost for maintenance and operating cost, insurance, legal fees and other unforeseen expense I can foresee a total package in the $25-$30 million range. Further I see no forecast of how the potential development will be funded.

    I believe we have or will hire a firm for a development plan. I would like to see their proposal(s) of what, when and how we should move forward. Without a view of the total package and without complete owner buy-in, I fear we may wind up as the owner of the Meadows “jungle”.

    Finally I see and hear a lot about “potential” increase in property values. First I would like to see outside forecasts of when by how much these values will increase as well as how increased HOA dues will impact prospective sales. What is the likelihood that some current owners may decide they (or the rental market) can’t support continued ownership which could have a short term negative impact on sales. Also to be considered is the tax impact of increased property value.

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