Speeding in the Bay Point Community – August 2018

Speeding in the Bay Point Community – August 2018

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If you were to spend time reading past BPCA Board meeting minutes you would find year after year comments and concerns about speeding in our neighborhood. Speeding in Bay Point is not a new problem.

Some of the areas that see an abundance of speeding are the back straight away on Wahoo Road, Marlin Circle, and Bay Point Road from the Resident’s Gate to Marlin Circle, and Marriott Drive from the round-a-bout to Reflections Gate.

In the near future expect to see increased patrol presence shooting radar. Understand there are no warnings and your first offence is fifty dollars. The financial consequences increase with each offence and can lead to losing your RFID access.

The issuing of fines will certainly help, but education and awareness of your speed is the best answer. Many of our residents walk and bike in our neighborhood and I hear often of feeling uncomfortable in areas of Bay Point.

I plan to make our residents aware of speeding in hopes those who drive too fast will begin to respect the posted speed limits. Most of the roads in Bay Point are posted at 25 mph. However, Bay Point Road, Marriott Drive, and around the golf course the posted limit is 20 mph. Kingfish Lane and the Bonefish Bridge are posted at only 15 mph.

Expect to see messages on our electronic message board, the bulletin board at the Post Office, on the BPCA website and on sandwich boards reminding you not to speed.

Slow down and enjoy our beautiful community!

Ed Helms, President BPCA BOD

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