Self Nominations For BPCA Board of Directors

Self Nominations For BPCA Board of Directors

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Attention Homeowners: We Need You!

The BPCA Board of Directors is seeking self – nominations to fill two vacant Board of Director Seats.

The two vacant seats are:

(A-2) Units 1-1A, Weakfish, Non Canal ( Bay Point West Non- Canal)

(Seat C) Golf Villas I, II, III and Marina Club (Bay Point Multi- Family Area).

Self- Nominations along with an optional one page bio must be received by the BPCA office by 6/9 with BOD selections being made at the 6/14 Board of Directors Meeting. This notice will be sent via USPS to all homeowners within the area of the vacant positions.

Please submit all self- nominations and one page bios to Debra Haydn either in person,  at the BPCA office,  or by email at dhaydn@

*Qualified candidates must be current on all assessments.


  1. Can a recalled board member be appointed by the Board to fill a seat vacated by the same recall? Is a recalled Board member banned from holding any Board seat in the future? Is the appointment for Seat C is effective until the end of the current fiscal year, or until the expiration of the term of the Seat C Board member (2023?)

    • This is a long response to the question. Please bear with me.

      The answer to this question is governed by FL Statute 720.303 (10) (e) which states

      “(e) If a vacancy occurs on the board as a result of a recall and less than a majority of the board directors are removed, the vacancy may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining directors, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this subsection or in the association documents. If vacancies occur on the board as a result of a recall and a majority or more of the board directors are removed, the vacancies shall be filled by members voting in favor of the recall; if removal is at a meeting, any vacancies shall be filled by the members at the meeting. If the recall occurred by agreement in writing or by written ballot, members may vote for replacement directors in the same instrument in accordance with procedural rules adopted by the division, which rules need not be consistent with this subsection.”

      While it makes little sense to so appoint a recalled director there is nothing in the section that precludes the appointment of a recalled director to the vacant seat. But, doing so is folly and would serve no purpose other than to agitate the members. Additionally, there is no preclusion for a recalled director from running and holding a seat in the future.

      On to another important distinction in our particular case at hand. Two directors resigned the Board. Both individuals, named in a recall action, resigned before the recall effort was concluded. As such they avoided being recalled.

      Before the Board now, is to fill the two vacancies. While there was some effort to just appoint two people to fill the vacancies the Board opted to publish to all members the openings and seek self-nominations for the two vacant seats. From that list of fully qualified nominees (for each of the two different seats) the Board will vote to fill the specific seat.

      Lastly, there is no requirement to fill a vacancy caused by resignation on the board unless there is less than a quorum, which is a whole different set of circumstances.

      Please see the response to the previous question regarding the term of Seat C, Bay Point Road Multi-family.

      I hope this addresses your questions.

  2. when does the Seat C term expire? At that time, new elections for this seat will occur.

    • All appointments to the Board expire and are up for election at the next annual election (in this case in February 2022). At that time the seat is filled by election for the remaining term (in this case one year, 2022 until 2023). Appointments last only until the next annual election. For Seat C (Bay Point Road Multi-families) the current term expires in February of 2023.

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