Save the Meadows Petition

Save the Meadows Petition

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Several concerned Bay Point property owners have started a petition on the website. The petition allows all who participate to express their feelings to the Bay County Commissioners about the proposed removal of Policy 3.4.5 from the Bay County Comprehensive Plan. The removal of Policy 3.4.5 from the Comp Plan, in effect, removes the land use restrictions which are now contained in the DRI Map “H”. For instance the Bay Point golf courses are designated, in Map “H”, for recreational/open space use. You may express you feelings about this issue via the following website:

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  1. With over 30 years of real estate experience I can tell you that using the golf course for residential development will set the Bay Point real estate market back many years. I have already had showings of houses in Bay Point by concerned buyers already. I have lived in Bay Point since 1978 and weathered many storms in the resort, no pun intended, but this change in the Comprehensive Plan may be our demise. Please think about what harm can come to a wonderful neighborhood.

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