Saturday October 27, 2018 Update News as of 12:30PM

Saturday October 27, 2018 Update News as of 12:30PM

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Here are a few updates for the community as we work to recover from Hurricane Michael:

  1. OFFICIAL NEWS SITE: You are encouraged to sign-up for Bay Point’s website, the OFFICIAL NEWS Source of BPCA and the Bay Point Community. You can register at: complete the registration form and submit. This site will contain the latest and most timely Hurricane Michael recovery information and all other significant news for the community.
  2. DEBRIS PICK-UP: Hurricane debris pick-up from the Bay Point rights-of-way will begin today. The county’s contractor (CrowderGulf – will begin the first of several sweeps through Bay Point today collecting storm related debris from the streets of Bay Point. Debris must be placed curbside on one of Bay Point’s roads – not on private property (homeowners’ yards and condominium owned areas).
  3. TREE WORK IS LESSENING: Tree removal activities are slackening off as home owners begin transitioning to roofing and disaster remediation activities.  Please remind your contractors to keep the roadways clear. It is preferred that contractors use homeowners driveways if possible. In any event the roadways must remain completely passable so that the debris removal activities can continue unhindered.
  4. BPCA CONTRACTOR POLICY: BPCA does not allow door-to-door solicitation. If any contractor approaches you to sell you any services please refer them to the BPCA Office for authorization to be in the community. Also, All contractors are required to have a valid and current Florida Contractors License as well as proof of insurance.  Any contractor with whom you would like to work must first register with the BPCA Office. They can do so by going to the office and completing the short but necessary contractor registration process.
  5. BPCA Telephone Service, provided through WOW, is still Out of Service.  As of this time WOW’s telephone service remains out and according to WOW they do not expect return to service until November 11, 2018. You are encouraged to visit the office or send emails to communicate with the staff.  Please be considerate and polite – civility matters.
  6. Remediation Services are currently being provided by some companies in the community. We hope to provide a list of names of other companies that provide such services in the very near future. Please remember the list will be for your use and is not any form of endorsement or recommendation from the BPCA or the Board of Directors.  You, the homeowner, must do your own due diligence and work with the contractor and your insurance provider to contract for services.  In this regard you are encouraged to read the earlier post entitled “Use Caution When Hiring Hurricane Restoration Contractors” (10/25/2018).

Correspondence from Lagoon Towers COA President Joann Day:

Lagoon Towers COA Contractor Policy

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