Saturday November 3, 2018 Update News as of 8:45AM

Saturday November 3, 2018 Update News as of 8:45AM

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Bay Point West trash pick up.  The latest info from Nates Sanitation is that next week (11/04 – 11/10) trash in Bay Point West will be picked up ONLY on Monday. The following week (11/11 – 11/17) trash pick up will return to the usual Monday and Thursday scheduled pick ups.

WOW service to BPCA Office.  The telephone service remains out and WOW’s representatives advise us that service should be restored by November 11th.  Internet Service has been restored (the cable was cut when trees were removed).  Email is getting through to the office again, please feel free to email the office at

Also, some residents are using our Facebook webpage ( to reach us.  This is another method (Send Message) of reaching the administrative staff.

Debris trucks are making stops along the roadways within Bay Point. These trucks are very large and make use of a full traffic lane. Please go slowly and be careful. You might consider watching the crane arm’s movement and wait until the claws have dropped any in motion load before you pass.

Debris pile removal notice.  The county is removing debris in two categories. The first is “timber“. The timber category includes trees, shrubs and branches. The second category is other debris”.  The Florida Agriculture and Forestry Division has identified several areas throughout northern Florida to be used as regulated burn sites. These burn sites are for timber only. Therefore please do not mix other debris with the timber debris.  The trucks will avoid mixed piles as there is no place for them to dump such piles.  The process works something like this – piles are removed from the neighborhood and brought to an intermediate dump site (Pete Edwards Field, across from Coconut Creek Family Fun Park on Thomas Drive, for example) and sorted into the different piles there. Eventually the timber piles will be hauled to the state burn sites for final disposal.  Please consider keeping your timber and other debris separate.

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