Safety Concern – DoorDash Delivery Driver Issue

Safety Concern – DoorDash Delivery Driver Issue

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On Saturday, January 16, 2021, at approximately 9:15PM, a car was observed by two Bay Point Security Officers on patrol traveling in excess of 20 miles an hour through the Bonefish stop sign and on to the 500 block of Wahoo Road. The car then speeded up and was locked in on radar at 44 miles per hour. Patrol pursued and stopped the vehicle. When the driver was asked for his driver’s license he stated “I am just going to leave”. He then proceeded to the Thomas Drive gate and because the entrance gate was open, he chose to disregard the safety of those who might be arriving from Thomas Drive and exited through the entrance gate. From the Bonefish Bridge to the Thomas Drive gate, a distance of less than a mile, this person employed by DoorDash to deliver food not only chose to disregard Bay Point safety procedures but demonstrated a severe lack of respect for the welfare and safety of the residents of this community.

There are negotiations to solve the DoorDash problem taking place and our records indicate that no food delivery was denied within the last 24 hours that ended 6:00AM on the morning of January 22, 2021.

If DoorDash does not cooperate with us to ensure the described conduct by its drivers will not be repeated and the issued citations are paid, Bay Point will have no choice but to deny DoorDash drivers entry into Bay Point.  Continued actions like described above, will eventually result in serious injury to persons and/or property.


  1. BP should hold that individual driver accountable for his actions and fines, not penalize other delivery drivers and the residents of BP. If one BP resident breaks the rules to you punish all the residents?! No you do not.

  2. Not to place blame, but why was the front gate open? Did the officers write down the license plate number or did our security cameras capture it? Certainly there are ways to punish that one driver and not allow him access into the community. One driver broke the rules and was disrespectful, but the majority of Door Dash drivers have not. Also, you can track them on your electronic device when they enter the community if you are the one who placed the order. We can find out who that driver is and ban him/her.
    Out of curiosity, I’m contacting my attorney to find out my rights as a resident in terms of receiving Door Dash and other “drive up” services. I understand the importance of safety, but I also know that during a pandemic, safety includes being able to receive deliveries. MANY people in our community rely on delivery services.
    I am sure that Door Dash is embarrassed by the actions of this employee and can take action, but they cannot guarantee that all of their employees will adhere to the rules. We cannot even guarantee that all of our residents follow them. We issue consequences for the specific people who are the violators.

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