Reinstall Sirens in Security Vehicles

Reinstall Sirens in Security Vehicles

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A motion was made to reinstall the sirens in the security vehicles. In 2017 the BOD voted to remove the security vehicle sirens as their presence in the security vehicles violates the Florida Statute Chapter 316.271 (4) and the security vehicles do not qualify as an emergency vehicle.  This motion will be reconsidered at the May BOD meeting.

The Board of Directors welcomes your comments both electronically (see below) and in person at the next Board meeting (May 14, 2018)


  1. I vote to allow our BP Security Vehicles to have sirens installed as long as they are used sparingly and in real emergencies; i.e., medical emergencies, fires, burglaries, other criminal activities. I’m sure there must have been a valid reason to install the sirens in the first place!

  2. The Board should not approve reinstalling sirens if it violates the Florida Statutes. Presumably the driver would be committing a misdemeanor while driving a security vehicle with an illegal siren. Employees, and those supervising them, should not be put in a position to violate a Florida Statute.

    Bill Ver Huel, #203 Lagoon Towers

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