Proposed Residents Gate Renderings and Drawings

Proposed Residents Gate Renderings and Drawings

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During the February 20, 2021 BPCA Annual Homeowners Meeting architectural renderings and the engineering drawings for the proposed new Residents Gate were on display.  This image carousel provides owners with the opportunity to see the pictures again. The carousel will start and rotate through the images automatically. However, if you want to stop the image rotation click on the image you want to view without auto-rotate.  To begin the rotation again just click the left or right arrow and the carousel will begin from the point at which it stopped.

The below file is a collection of the proposed engineering drawings for the Residents Gate Reconstruction project.  It is a large PDF file and requires additional time to respond to mouse clicks.  You can enlarge the image you see on the screen and can move the image left and right, up and down using a click and drag method.  This set of engineering drawings are being updated for the final set of drawings which will lead to a bid process for the job.  We are currently planning to seek bids from:

  • Allstate Construction, Panama City, FL
  • Childers Construction, Inlet Beach, FL
  • Culpepper Construction, Panama City, FL
  • GAC Contractors, Panama City, FL
  • Reliant South Construction, Panama City, FL

The architect for this project is DAG Architects, Destin, Fl and the lead engineering firm is Southeast Consulting Engineers, Wewahitchka, FL.

The next steps in this project are to:

    • finalize engineering drawings
    • establish a “should cost model”
    • develop the AIA standard project contract
    • assemble the “bid package” for the potential contractors
    • hold a bid conference to allow contractors to pose questions
    • accept bids (30 days after release of “bid package”)
    • review bids within BPCA, DAG, DRMP and SCE,
    • make recommendation of a contractor to the BPCA BOD based on the bids received and reviewed
    • award contract

The estimated time to complete the project is 7-9 months.  A traffic flow plan is in process for the time in which traffic at the Residents Gate is impacted by the project.


  1. Beautiful! Out of curiosity, wondering if it is already budgeted for? We would benefit from this, for sure!

    • While we are looking forward to receiving the “should cost pricing” from the engineering firm the community has ample infrastructure funds to pay for this rebuild.

  2. The renderings look great! This will surely enhance first impressions of our community and alleviate traffic backup onto Delwood Beach Road. As long as the visible from road Meadows course is kept in good order and the various condo properties along the entrance are well-maintained (some are in need of updating, the responsibility of the condo associations, not Bay Point). The renderings show what appears to be hundreds of new palm trees to be installed. Is that accurate or just artist’s liberty to embellish? Are the palm species freeze tolerant?? Can’t wait for the project to be completed.

    • The set of engineering drawings do not yet include the landscape plan. The Architectural Drawings do take liberties. We will install new trees along the roadway and hopefully along the Delwood Beach Road side fire house wall to obscure the building. That landscaping may need to be a separate project. More on this plan later. . .

  3. Like the design (for info two flagpoles indicated in the detail drawing at the immediate turn in location).

  4. I don’t see our flagpole. Please keep it for both our country flag and our neighborhood flag. Otherwise LOOKS GREAT. I love keeping the curved wall with our emblem on it on either side of the gatehouse. I did not care for an earlier rendition that had the icons of bikers, swimmers, etc on it. This I like…. just please keep the flagpole!!!!! And make sure there is a light on it. THANKS!! Lynn Yarbrough, 333 Wahoo

    • Yes ma’am, there will be two flag poles at the entrance. There is one to each side of the entrance. Using two flag poles we can fly the US and the State of Florida on each. We can fly the POW/MIA below the US Flag and the Bay Point Pennant below the State flag. There will be a light on each of the flag poles.

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