Project Torchlight Budget Planning Process

Project Torchlight Budget Planning Process

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  1. One sticking point I have with the current Nicklaus Course information I have seen through this agreement is that there are no special rates for BayPoint members.
    After speaking with people who have lived here in BP for 10-25years the golf courses have never made money, been through various ownership/management companies only to see the same result.

    How in the world, even through management of Bobby Jones will this result differ? You have a built in golf client base here in BP with a golden opportunity for the Nicklaus course to thrive but only if locals are given the incentive to play. No-one is going to pay $85 green fees and play more than once per month. Give the BP Golf Clubs and residents a rate that will truly inspire daily (multi-week play) play. Look at the Villages as an example. Golf is the mainstay because it is affordable.

    Torchlight should welcome this because it would be a revenue generator. BayPoint leadership should “demand” this as BP would be responsible for upkeep to a potential losing proposition.

    To me this is the most pressing issue for this agreement to be accepted. You price us out, and good luck with that.

    I would appreciate your response.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for another update on the new way ahead for Bay Point. However, I have a basic question? I see the term “premier” associated with Bay Point in numerous documents and emails. However, nowhere is this term of “premiere” described or defined? What exactly is a “premier place to live”? Are there examples of “premier” communities in the Florida Panhandle or is Bay Point the only one?
    Defining that might help some people decide how to vote? Or maybe no really cares?

    Just a simple observation as I’ve been a resident here since 1995 and have heard the term “premiere” used for a long time, but never defined.

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