President’s Report – March 8, 2021

President’s Report – March 8, 2021

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Board Meeting

March 8, 2021

Welcome to the Board, officially, Catherine Mitchell, Samantha Dring, Doug Arent, and welcome back Walt Rankin. The newcomers are already off to a good start by chairing/participating in Finance meeting and helping with the community events. That’s positive energy contributing to the community. More of the positive energy and a lot less of the negative would be a wholesome and welcome change. I also appreciate that members took on different assignments this year. It is always easy to stay with what you know or have done. Thanks for getting out of your comfort zone. It will be good for all.

You have seen the renderings (‘drawrings’ in Bostonian) of the new proposed gate house. That has been a long time in design for many, many reasons, but will be done right and be a great add to our community entrance for years to come. Thanks Dan and committee.

The community events team has already started planning for the summer series. In addition we are trying to arrange some tree plantings and perhaps a plant sale in April. Discussions are underway. Thanks Linda, Samantha and others for their help.

We continue to request a repair to the roundabout road and some other sinking patches. We keep being told we are on the list, weather issues, and ‘next week’, and we keep calling.

Our contract with DRMP as our engineering resource has expired. Their renewal price was not acceptable. We can use them on an ad hoc basis. In the meantime we are searching for a resource, either an individual or company to fill that role.

We had a very productive meeting with the local post office management. They have reinstated sending all packages without PO box number to the BP location and we will once again attempt to match physical address with PO box for UPS and FED EX originated shipments. They also suggested placing the PO box number with a #next to the recipient’s name. They however will not forward regular mail without a PO box, at least not yet. They reiterated that mail is not to be handed over the counter, and that they do not hand mail to customers at Churchwell or other postal operations and expect us to follow those regulations. We will attempt to install scanners at our receiving dock so as to confirm package receipts.

I am unsure of the author of this statement, “No good deed goes unpunished”, but it is applicable in our society today, and Bay Point is no exception.


  1. I appreciate your comments. But you missed the point of the golf course project. A point we made time after time, and that is protecting the land from becoming an unwanted development that would devalue our property. Assessments are voted by owners, like the one that failed, nothing is automatic.
    Once the property was purchased by Bay Point, the owners could decide at any point to close the courses, open the Meadows, build or not build amenities, or just leave it alone. The destiny was in the hands of Bay Point owners. The property will now again be owned by a third party, who could develop the land at their pleasure, we can no longer stop it.
    The vote failed to pass, ok, I and the board are moving on, there are other things to do.There are some who cannot seem to move on for their own reasons.

  2. The suggestion to put #box number next to the name was made by the local USPS management team as a possible solution, so we are passing it on. I have not tried it.

  3. If you are trying to leave your address on a government site, for them to mail something to you, a “#” on the address is not allowed. The government will not allow it or special characters – at least at the site I was on today.

  4. Honestly, as an out-of-town owner, Bay Point used to be a place to escape the madness of Atlanta. Now I currently consider Bay Point a liability in my life. I am very well aware of the recall situation, but this constant pettiness coming from the BPCA president is just too much and confirms the reasons for the recall. Please stick to the business at hand and stop trying to demean others. It is not becoming and makes life unpleasant for all. BP has taken on a pervasively petty, negative atmosphere.

    Also, let me say that the major problem with the assessment vote was the perceived unending possibility of increased assessments over time. You did not address this and failed to answer questions dealing with this issue. There was too much unspecified money beyond the sale cost without much factual assurance that the golf courses would be profitable. Too much risk for a person like me that just wants a condo for occasional beach relaxation.

    Somehow I hope BP can get back to a positive and optimistic place for all of us, which will require listening, hearing, and responding to all.

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