Presidents Quips – September 2019

Presidents Quips – September 2019

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  1. Soooo I thought you were supposed to be able to take these “humps” at the posted 20mph speed. Not and keep your fillings! Not! Dentist appointment scheduled for tomorrow. 😬

  2. We have speed bumps – NOT humps
    “Speed bumps and speed humps are among many types of “traffic calming” measures. Speed bumps are applications, usually asphalt, that are from two to six inches high and one to three feet from front to back. Speed humps are usually less than four inches high but 10 to 12 feet from front to back.”

  3. I have tried the Wahoo “humps” at 5, 10 and 20 MPH in Acura MDX. Only 5 MPH is acceptable, concerned 10 or 20 will cause eventual damage. Might have to consider and angled approach. Don’t even want to try them at 10 or 20 in a mini Cooper, it will likely bottom out – will see. Had assumed a “hump” was “nicer” than a “bump” – sure fooled me.

  4. I have to agree with Mr. Geczy – The current “bumps” do serve the purpose of slowing traffic down, but they are impractical for this neighborhood. I spoke with Lynn Briley as the first set were installed. I asked him what was the decision factor for ordering this type of speed deterrent. He indicated they were in accordance with the Florida Highway regulations with regard to 20 MHP speed bumps. (Lynn please add your thoughts if I’m off the mark with your comments)

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m fully onboard with having to add these things, but there are better products out there that will comply with local and state regulations (per the link Mr. Geczy provided). I think everyone will agree you have to come to a complete stop and then slowly role over these things so as not to rattle your suspension system. Keeping the current system will have a long term negative effect on vehicles. Additionally with the amount of senior citizens in our neighborhood, how will these effect the response time for Fire and Rescue when someone is facing a life or death situation where every second counts. Sorry I had to bring it up…

    My recommendation (or if you may – my 2 cents worth) is for the board to reconsider the style of the current speed bumps and try to find a better product that will provide the desired slowing of traffic along with alleviating the unnecessary wear and tear of our residents vehicles.

    Lastly and I have to get this off my chest…. How do we as a community throttle the contractors who continually fly through our streets as if there was no tomorrow….

    Everyone have a great day —

  5. First and foremost, I want to compliment the Board for wanting to take action to reduce the number of speeding vehicles in Bay Point. I also am not stirring the proverbial pot. I simply want to point out the facts, not opinions.

    I respectfully disagree with the statement that Speed Humps were installed on Wahoo Road. These are NOT Humps but Bumps. And yes there is a very BIG difference between a speed Hump and a Speed Bump. Unless you have driven over a Speed Hump, then you will not appreciate the difference. Anyone interested in driving over a Bay County Speed Hump, drive to Foster Ave and 20th Street. That small residential area is next to a school and therefore the residents had Bay County install Humps not Bumps. More information regarding Speed Hump Policies is available from this Bay County Web Site;

    I realize we have our own private streets, however, it can’t hurt to see what our County Officials recommend.

    My issue is not about whether or not to install speed reduction devices, my issue is we were told that we would get speed “Bumps” and we got “Bumps”. Don’t forget that Emergency Response Vehicles also use Wahoo Road.

    I’m curious to know how many folks support these new Wahoo “Humps” or folks that would rather see a real Speed Hump?

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