President’s Quips – October 2019

President’s Quips – October 2019

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  1. This comment/questions is for anyone on the Board that is responsible for removing the current speed bumps and then replacing them with the new humps. Question; what is the estimated removal date and when is the estimated completions date for the new humps? Hopefully sometime before the end of 2020!

    Steve Geczy

  2. Dear BPCA Board: I add my thanks to Steve Geczy’s for your willingness to mitigate the effects of these speed bumps on Wahoo Road, and for planning to install more on Marlin Circle. (I have seen many people, residents and service providers alike, speeding on Marlin Circle, especially as it approaches Bay Point Drive.) In the process of correcting the problem, would you please consider relocating the speed bump at the intersection of Wahoo Road and Wahoo Circle? It is located at precisely the worst possible spot for those both entering Wahoo Circle and those exiting the Circle onto Wahoo Road. Either way, our cars are twisted because of the speed bump, and this will soon take a toll on the alignment of our cars. If the speed bump were relocated to a spot between two houses NOT at an intersection, we might save a lot of alignment problems. Thank you.

    V/R, Michelle Covert, Wahoo Circle

  3. Thank you BPCA Board Members for reconsidering the current street speed hump/bump situation and installing less obstructive bumps. I’m sure many of us will celebrate not having to come to a complete stop in our vehicles/golf carts whenever we want to go over one of these bumps! Speaking of golf carts, many golf cart drivers simply go around the bumps anyway!

    Let’s hope these new “humps” will slow down most of the people that ignore our 25 MPH and in some places 20 MPH speed limits! Sad to have to take this kind of action for 10% of people that do not respect rules. The 90% that follow the rules always are the ones that make the sacrifice for the few.

    Again, thank you for listening to and compromising with the many residents that were unhappy with the current bumps on Wahoo.

    Steve Geczy

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