President’s Quips – November 2019

President’s Quips – November 2019

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Here is the current month’s installment of news for the Bay Point Community Association.

President's Quips November


  1. My Mini Cooper thanks you for the switch from speed bumps to speed humps!

  2. Thank you BOD members for replacing the former bumps with the new humps! Big difference now when going over them. Not rattling my brain or items in my car. Thanks for installing them on my street Marlin Circle as this should help slow down the School Buses now! Great job and thanks for listening to many of us that were anti bump.

    May I suggest developing and conducting a resident community survey to get feed back on many of the post Hurricane issues our community now faces. Should be very interesting to get a pulse of what people are thinking.

    Thanks for all the work the board puts in to make Bay Point a place people want to call home.

    Steve Geczy

    • Thanks for the comments. We used the mid-year owners meeting in September as a method to do as you suggested… “get a pulse of what people are thinking”. Was very lively and informative. We are following up and implementing many of the suggestions and comments.

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