President’s Quips – May 2, 2019

President’s Quips – May 2, 2019

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Presidents Quips May 2019




  1. Obviously the entire community cannot and would not participate in a meeting with 5 business owners discussing possible development/sale of their entities within Bay Point. By “right’ I am referring to specific residents with a history of Bay Point, who have a possible real estate development background. Also knowledgeable about covenants and restrictions, county restrictions/requirements, and a some legal knowledge. “right” perhaps translates to experience, specific knowledge, vision. Hope that helps.
    Eventually all of this becomes transparent to the community as no decisions will be taken without community knowledge and ultimately agreement. There may be agreement to do nothing. But that will be known as well. Thanks for comments

  2. I am somewhat confused about your use of the term “right”. This implies to me that only ‘some’ residents of Bay Point should be included in a residents’ team to discuss Bay Point’s future. I will appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I am interested in participating but do not know if I am a ‘right’ person.
    Rosemarie Brooks

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