President’s Quips – December 2020

President’s Quips – December 2020

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  1. we are planning on posting the video with frequently asked question on the web site. It will be here soon.

  2. Hello BPCA Member,

    I’m not the one that included a paragraph on COVID in the Quips. The Quips states we should “take necessary precautions”. What might those be? Does BPCA have some precautions in the BPCA rules we should know about? I’m simply replying to that statement and stated my points that we don’t need to close everything down due to a supposed threat that is stated to either cause “death” or cause “positive cases”. If the Quips are about land acquisition, then why bring up COVID in the first place?

  3. PLEASE post the said video here….many are requesting this.

    • At a recent board meeting, one owner suggested that we attempt to post statistics about Covid in Bay Point on our web site. Someone else wants nothing even mentioned about Covid. Obviously divergent views. BPCA has no guidelines re any illness, nor should it. The Quips was intended to point out the effects of the virus specifically on our community and to urge all to be vigilant, nothing more. The Covid comment was included in a note regarding the acquisition, but the Quips often address multiple subjects and will continue to do so.

  4. I also would like to see the video on the site too

  5. While I have signed up and intend to participate in one of the briefings scheduled, some maybe fearful because of covid making the posting of the video and anciliary material something that should be considered.

  6. Good Morning,

    Regarding the statement “In recent days death from the disease”….and “positive cases”….. Please stop the hype on this virus or disease as you refer to it. If you report these statistics, please report accurate information rather than just repeating over hyped statistics from whatever source you are using. At a minimum, please add the supporting information on each death and or case. Let’s start with the “death”. What existing medical condition did this person already suffer from? What was their age? Did they have some type of immune system issue already? It is very obvious when we dig deeper into the “death” rate statistics, we find that many reported COVID deaths were really not from the COVID but from already existing medical conditions. Please do your own research into these supposed deaths from COVID. What is the survival rate? Chances of getting ill or dying is no worse than many other illnesses or situations.

    Next, let’s discuss “positive cases” being reported. What does that mean exactly? I know personally a few people, one of which is my wife of 72 that have tested positive for COVID and they have virtually no symptoms of a virus? Most of these folks are over the age of 70 and in one case over 90! I will ask one more time…..what exactly does it mean to report a “case” of COVID??? Why should I be concerned unless the sickness or death rate warrants my concern. I think we should all get back to reality regarding this virus as we can’t go on living in a closet the rest of our lives! Face facts that living is a risk! Should I stop going into the Gulf of Mexico simply because there is a threat of a shark attack? Or, should I stop flying because the plane may crash? What about driving my car? It’s possible I might get into an accident and get an injury or maybe worse, die from a head on collision.

    Bottom line is, I’m not going to stop living because of a virus that may or may not make me ill. I’m over 72 now and based on what the fake news media says, I should probably have died from this virus long ago. Especially since I have close contact with people that have tested positive! I test for the virus routinely due to my circumstances of visiting some one in an assisted living center so please spare me the concerns about wearing a mask or being a threat to someone else. Start living normally again!

    • Steve,
      Thank you for your input. The President’s Quips, as I see it, deals with the scheduled meetings regarding acquisition of the 300+ acres of property in our community that is not owned by us. Your response to Mr. Wanner’s post is, to my eyes, a plaint about the COVID-19 virus and politics surrounding it. Perhaps that discussion would be better placed on a Facebook page rather than in response to a notice of community briefings on a subject totally unrelated to COVID-19. My 2¢ worth . . .

      As Mr. Wanner said in his Quips, be safe.

  7. Re. the ‘By appointment’ opportunity to see the proposal for the Meadows Course, and given the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community, it would be tremendously helpful if BPCA would load the video and other details that are referenced in the e-mail dated 12/2/2020, onto the BPCA website.”
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Elisabeth Green

  8. I think it would be helpful if the video were available online. It would be safer to watch it from home and not risk exposure and spreading of Covid 19.

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