Presidents Quips – August 2019

Presidents Quips – August 2019

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                                                President’s Quips

                                                     August 2019

There are lots of activities in the community during these very hot “dog days” of summer. I thought I would recap some of them here.

The summer concert series is completed and was tremendous despite weather problems. Thanks again Tracy and team. Now on to Oktoberfest, and other planned events!

We held the first BP HOA presidents’ meeting. 17 of the 22 associations were represented. We had an update of all of the ‘development’ activities within Bay Point, and several presidents provided ideas and comments on how to help the general community. It was a very productive session.

During the meeting we provided each with the revised Emergency Planning document that has been in the works for months. Lynn Briley has led this effort. It will soon be available to all on our Bay Point web site.

The BOD recently approved the addition of a security officer and security installation at the back Thomas Dr gate entrance. The statistics on vehicle usage as well as the amount of damage and management of the gate secured a unanimous vote to proceed.

BPCA will contract an arborist to conduct a study of all of Bay Point and recommend trees which may need attention or would impose a danger to a household should we have another strong storm. BPCA is responsible for any trees in the ‘common’ areas. However, residents will be responsible for any tree trimming or removal advised by the arborist. There is no mandate to follow his advice, but we wanted everyone to have an opportunity to hear what an expert says about your individual situation. Better to be advised and prepared…than not.

We are still planning to re-enforce our rules around trailers, boats, yards etc beginning Oct 1. In concert with the city and county administrations, we will begin enforcing the rules around parking, trailers etc. We know that all of Bay Point residents are anxious to thereturn of this beautiful community by the bay.

We are continuing our pressure on Torchlight Investors to clean up the Meadows, the storm drains and ponds. Conversations around BayTown development are also ongoing. St Joe has begun work on the marina. There is progress being made, plans being put in place, despite outward appearances of nothing happening. Its slow, but its happening. Some residents have offered excellent ideas on how all of this should look in the months and years to come. We sincerely appreciate all of the suggestions!

There are several street lights out around the community. We are in frequent communication with Gulf Power, but there are so many out within Bay County, we do not always get priority. This is one of those issues where I believe it is important to monitor as it reflects on our safety and our aesthetics. For those who have noticed and commented, we are listening and addressing the issue. I encourage various condo associations to also fix their path and street lights for the very same reasons.

We are still planning to set up a Bay Point Helpers program where Bay Point residents help those within our community in need of help, like mail pick up, prescription delivery, doctor visit, yard work etc.

We have finalized our date for the mid-year owners’ meeting. It is September 28, Sheraton, 10 am. Yes, a magazine article said August 24. That is the date we wanted and asked the Sheraton for incessantly, but September 28 is what we were given. 

Finally, we always appreciate owner attendance at monthly board meetings and hearing from residents on what concerns them. That is one reason we are holding a semi-annual meeting, to hear from owners. So put Sept 28 on your calendar, come express your views, positive or negative, bring your ideas. Let’s talk about our future, and how together we will make Bay Point the premier place to live.

Bill Wanner  

President , BPCA

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