President’s Quips – April 2, 2021

President’s Quips – April 2, 2021

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You may have noticed some additional technology being used in our post office. We reintroduced the scanners which have been missing since the hurricane. Now, the post office scans a package when it arrives in Bay Point and scans it when it is picked up by the resident. No more guessing if it actually arrived or not, was picked up or not, or whether it was returned. Our plan is to expand the use of the scanner to make the postal operation even more efficient.

Security in Bay Point is always a priority. There have been a number of unfavorable comments about our efforts to improve the security and safety of all residents and visitors to Bay Point. Nothing is done that does not have safety and security as the priority. Nothing is done just for convenience or inconvenience. Reckless driving in our community will not be tolerated. Violations on entry through our gates will be justifiably cited and no amount of threats to our office staff and officers will prevent the citations from being imposed. Recent random tragic events in several parts of the country tell us to pay attention to our own security and safety. No one in those other incidents believed they were in harm’s way when they left their homes that day. Last summer saw a great deal of civil unrest. So far we have been spared those incidents. We are not suggesting it is our turn. But we will not leave ourselves completely vulnerable either. Owners pay for a secure place to live and owners count that we are prepared for any violation of that security. There are safety rules, and we will enforce those rules. Vigilance and preparedness are not inconvenient.

Bill Wanner


  1. From Mr. Wanner’s quips above: “Security in Bay Point is always a priority. There have been a number of unfavorable comments about our efforts to improve the security and safety of all residents and visitors to Bay Point. Nothing is done that does not have safety and security as the priority. Nothing is done just for convenience or inconvenience.”

    After reading posts on SM recently about security issuing 30 day passes to non-residents after an initial DL scan, I was very surprised and concerned as that seems counter to the agenda of maintaining security in our community. Surely, I thought, that can’t be right. One day last week when I was in the Post Office a uniformed security member was sitting behind the desk in the Security Office. I inquired of her as to whether or not that is correct. She replied that “Yes, that is correct”. When I asked her why, she responded that “It is just easier for us to do that than scan it every time they come through”. It seems that the interpretation by Security personnel is to put convenience over security. Any non-resident now has free range of our community 24/7 for those 30 days. That’s a lot of time for someone with mal-intent to devise plans and to be destructive.

  2. See narrative below prepared by Jim Moore, our Director of Security:

    Bay Point Security has but one mission, and that is to act on and enforce the written rules, regulations and other lawful directions provided for in the several BPCA documents that govern the Bay Point Community. Simply put, Bay Point Security is the BPCA’s enforcement arm. The importance of having specific and well thought out guidelines and procedures is very important in these times of civil unrest that result way to often in unexpected and random acts of violence. The most important part of our mission is to continue to provide and ensure a high level of safety and security; to do that consistently, we need state-of-the-art equipment commensurate with the task at hand. The equipment needed includes certain upgrades in the patrol trucks, a number of tag cameras, and several computers capable of communicating with the cloud.
    Security does not make, change or interpret the rules and regulations or lawful directives; we just follow and enforce them. We do not, as security, target any group, entity or individual that is not and never has been part of our practices or our role as the provider of security. However, it is the Board’s responsibility to make certain that those rules are well written and up to date so there can be no question as to the intent, purpose and legality of the written regulation or other directives given to Bay Point Security.
    The Friday (3/26/2021) Security Committee meeting was a good start on the road to improving our system–a system that has needed an overhaul for a very long time. While an overhaul is needed, it will not come to fruition in a meaningful way, if we do not coordinate all our efforts in revamping and improving our admittance and tracking procedures. Excel spread sheets that can be accessed from any computer on the planet, if you have the proper authority to do so, are now in place and will provide security with the ability to locate and track those who enter Bay Point in a way that has never been possible before. Bay Point owners and renters are not being asked to provide us with their driver’s license because their driver’s license is already on file in the BPCA office. However, those entering Bay Point to work or visit are being asked for their driver’s license in accordance with Florida State regulations and statutes so we have that necessary tracking information in our data bank; our BPCA rules require those who travel on Bay Point roads in a motor vehicle to have a current and valid driver’s license. We know Bay Point owners who have stickers or RFID passes on their vehicles have a driver’s license so there is no need to ask them again, but it is important if we are serious about a high level of security to have basic identification information for all who travel within Bay Point. The licenses are being “scanned” – which is lawful; they are not being “swiped” – which is unlawful. I know that the committee members all want what is best for Bay Point. That should be everyone’s goal and it is not going to be that difficult to obtain; there are only three things needed to have the highest quality of security in Bay Point: quick and easy access to information, proper equipment, and trained personnel. We have the ability to obtain the assets necessary–we just have to go out and do it!
    Jim Moore
    Director of Security

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