Presidents Message 03/12/2018

Presidents Message 03/12/2018

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Presidents Message

I want to thank and recognize the board members and owner volunteers who have given many hours in helping prepare for the gate conversion to RFID. Carl Selph, Bill Wanner, Jim Doescher, John Warren, Mike Cooper, Karen Radcliff, Lisa Snow, Walt Rankin, Robin Matthews, Judy Baker, Dawn Briley and yours truly. We could not have done it without our volunteers. A special thanks to our entire office staff who worked 6-day weeks through this process and maintained their regular assignments as well as taking on this time-consuming project. We had originally planned to convert to RFID around the first of March. The GM and myself discussed and delayed due to having less than ½ of our residents with the new stickers. When we made the change, we had to go back in the que for installation and we are now scheduled for March 19 and it will take a couple of days to convert all gates. We now have approximately ¾ of the residents with at least one vehicle registered.

Our new website is live, and I encourage everyone to log in on A big thanks to Dan Matthews for leading this project. Dan has also agreed to chair our IT/Website standing committee. Dan will be responsible for advising the board on both software and hardware needs and continuing to lead our website working with our provider. It will be budget planning time sooner than you think and Dan will work with the Finance Committee in helping us budget for this area next fiscal year.

On Tuesday March 6th a meeting was held with BPCA, BPW, and the Canal Associations. This meeting included our attorney John Townsend and Brian Hess attorney for the Canal Association. Good progress was made toward a contract with BPCA and the Canal. The two attorneys are finalizing an agreement that we have worked on for several months. BPW has agreed to look at a similar proposal and discuss with their BOD. If successful and I believe we will be, we will be in compliance with Florida Statue 720 and give the sub associations as much authority as possible.

I am still looking for someone to chair the Naval Support standing committee. Looking for volunteers and is not necessary for it to be a board member. Till Bruett has volunteered to chair the community garden. For now Walt Rankin has agreed to give reports for BPW and ARC.

Ed Helms,

BPCA Board President

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