Presidential Quips – February 27, 2019

Presidential Quips – February 27, 2019

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It is my privilege to serve as the president of BPCA for the next 12 months.
Bill Wanner


We have some significant challenges ahead of us this year, and some great opportunities. We are facing the final cleanup from the devastating hurricane. Much has been done, more yet to get done. Progress is made every day. Recovery will never go as fast as we wish, but with everyone’s help it will get accomplished. The BPCA hurricane recovery team has worked very diligently to get Bay Point back. Thanks to the many hundreds of hours these folks have contributed over the past five months!


The annual meeting was lively as ever. We really appreciate the input from owners. The focus of questions and comments obviously centered around the storm damage and recovery. The Sheraton and golf course managements presented their progress to date and timing for reopening. We are considering doing an open forum meeting about mid- year, like the annual meeting. Each monthly board meeting is obviously open to all, but perhaps a Saturday meeting similar to our annual meeting, would provide a better venue for owner questions and comments. More on this at a future date . . .


Our goal for this year is to increase the number of community oriented events. We want to create a more vibrant and involved community through a series of planned events that welcome your participation. We are very fortunate that Tracy Rudhall, already a very busy person, has graciously agreed to lead our newly formed Community events committee. She, as usual, has more ideas than there is time to do. And, that’s just fine! As in all of these types of programs, she needs help, and volunteers to do some of the lifting. I have no doubt that the community will support these efforts. More to come on this at a later date as well . . .


Some members of the board have already approached me with their list of ideas and plans for the new year. It’s great to see that sort of enthusiasm, as all of the ideas are designed for the betterment of the Bay Point community. I encourage anyone to feel free to express their ideas on what would make us even better. But I encourage you to think about how you can help bring your idea to fruition and not pass it along to someone else’s responsibility.


Every year brings the inevitable surprise. This year will be no different. It’s how we manage them that will determine our success. Collectively we can handle anything, October 10, 2018 (Hurricane Michael) proved that.


We want to make our new enthusiasm contagious. Every new president and board starts with energy and vigor to “make a difference”. Our sincere hope is to keep that enthusiasm alive for the year. There will be ebbs and flows, but the standard has been set. The plan is coming together, and with your help, persistence, input and participation, we can maintain that contagious energy all year long.
Bill Wanner


  1. Like Ms. Brooks, I like the idea of an open forum in mid-year. It would be essential to know in advance what sorts of things the Board is going to consider. The number of people that subscribe to the BPCA Website is now at 527 and “notifications” are now going out whenever a new note is published.

    Dan Matthews

  2. Although I realize that even though we have never had a completely secure community largely due to the easy access from the golf course, Michael destroyed the semblance of security with the destruction of the fence along Magnolia Beach Road. I am happy that the board has seen fit to resolve that issue in a timely manner. On the subject of security, I cannot express how much I appreciate the vigilance of our security team in enforcing speed limits. There was a period of time, not so long ago, that Wahoo Road was unsafe due to the lack of vigilance of the previous security director (not sure what the exact title of that job is). I, kalong with some of my neighbors, approached him several times with reports of excessive speeding, all to no avail. I now feel safe walking and biking in my neighborhood.
    I appreciate this communication from you. We have gone far too long without any updates in community affairs. That our manager writes a bit about nothing in the Grand Lagoon Life, a social publication for the homes of Bay Point, The Preserve, Finisterre & Martinique, is not enough to keep our community informed. (As an aside, why would anyone living in any of the other communities care about things in Bay Point? This is not a criticism of the publication.) I am certain you are aware, however, that many, many of our residents do not access this website and even if they knew about it do not have the skills or equipment to do so.
    The idea of an open forum mid-year meeting is an excellent one and one that I hope will come to fruition.
    Again, thanks for your ‘quips’.
    Rosemarie Brooks


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