Postal Box Information

Postal Box Information

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Bay Point is a POSTAL BOX operation

Bay Point residents, owners and renters, receive their first class mail and packages through a post BOX system. Mail is not delivered to homes.  Covenants  and Restrictions and development agreements prohibit individual home mail boxes. Any resident of Bay Point can establish a postal box to receive their mail. The cost of the box is set by USPS and all money is paid to USPS.

Mail and packages, are received each day pre-sorted by PO box number. However hundreds of pieces of mail, and many packages, arrive each day with only a name and physical address. These are not sorted for us but are randomly thrown into plastic postal boxes. We have set up a system that cross references a name/address and PO Box. Each piece of mail or package is given one attempt to find the correct combination. If the combination of name/physical address is not matched to an existing PO box, the mail is returned. There are nearly 300 residents with a physical Bay Point address who have not set up a post box, and whose mail is regularly returned. Packages are handled the same way. It requires hours each day to sit and try to match name/address/PO Box. When a match is made you see your box number written on the mail and often a sticker or stamp. That mail can get delayed.

  • Every financial institution, government, cable company, doctor’s office etc will accommodate use of a PO Box number in their mailings. Some, like Amazon, or UPS or others may not. The solution is to extend your physical address to include the numbers of your postal box. For instance, your address is “1234 Wahoo”. With Amazon, UPS or others who do NOT permit a PO Box, your address would say “1234 Wahoo 27xxx”. The postal system keys on those last five numbers. DO not use the letters “PO”, just the 5 numbers of your post box.

When a package arrives at Bay Point, a yellow card is put into your box. If there is NO yellow card, there is NO package. Just because a tracking system says “delivered” does NOT mean it’s at Bay Point. It may be another day before it arrives here. We cannot go searching the building to see that a package has not really arrived, even though you think it should be. If it’s important we will and have called the resident when it does arrive.

The use of the postal box number helps you. To have mail and packages sent to the Bay Point post office and yet not have a post office box here is a waste of your money.

In Bay Point there are:

1,500 front doors, approximately
1,000 PO boxes
About 770 PO boxes occupied


  1. The posting regarding attempting to cross-reference name with box number when a physical address is used is no longer true. I’ve been told they simply return them. We used to be a family oriented friendly neighborhood. This seems mean especially when the mail is important such as medicine or a check. Additionally, the service has dropped off since the new group took over. I received a yellow card and went inside. Four residents all waited quite some time to even get to turn in their cards. Once they did, they waited for another 10-20 minutes. Some ten, I was 20 minutes. Finally, one resident received their package and the remaining three of us were told that they could not find any packages for us. Can we please go back to the old crew that were competent, friendly, and cared about delivering the mail? I understand there are hiccups with changing staff, but I’m not confident the current situation will improve anytime soon because some of the changes seem more driven by what’s easiest for the staff rather than what’s best for the resident.

  2. Good to know! It WAS confusing! Now my only question is 32408 or 32411 with street address and number of box?Panama City or Panama City Beach?
    (They told me PCB when I moved in.)
    Thanks for clearing this up!

  3. How do we account for the two different zip codes, i.e., 32408 and 32411? Is 32411 only identified as the Post Office? Also, apparently the Post Office has an agreement with UPS for some package delivery. Went the order is placed and UPS is used, we expect the package to be delivered to our home address, but often is routed to the Post Office. Very confusing!

    • you are right. I am sure there is some plan between UPS and USPS, but it isn’t obvious, there appears to be no consistency. Zip 32411 is the post office, 32408 is typically the street address. However the BP post office gets both.

  4. Thanks. There will always be some amount of mail received without the box number, that’s a given. The point is that if non-box number can be significantly reduced, it benefits everyone.

  5. I’ve been trying to tell you guys how to avoid the UPS from being delivered to the post office at all and sent directly to the homes instead. Why bother with it?

    Have Post Office Dave talk to HepCat.

  6. Unfortunately, some businesses allow for the entry of the second address line, which is probably mandated by our government, but don’t print the second line in their label print job.

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