Panama City Music Association Concerts Season Begins in January!

Panama City Music Association Concerts Season Begins in January!

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Check out the Panama City Music Association web site for more info!

The mission of the Panama City Music Association, Inc. (PCMA), is to bring the excitement of classical and modern music, dance, opera, and musical theatre to the widest possible audience. The goal is to expand the musical experience of the community, to further develop an appreciation for all aspects of music, and to increase the participation of youth in musical arts. In PCMA‘s efforts to bring performances of the highest quality to the Bay County area, they strive to awaken and perpetuate the love of music in all whom we serve.

Panama City Music Association is a volunteer organization operating as a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization. Since 1941, the Panama City Music Association has presented a monumental number of concerts featuring the top soloists, ensembles, symphonies, operas, Broadway musicals, dancers, and ethnic groups.  PCMA is proud to serve our community for 78 years.


  1. This issue was reviewed at a BPCA board meeting about 3 months or so ago. It was decided that the site can be used for notification of charitable events (fund raising), educational events and cultural events which would be of interest to the community. It cannot be used for contractors, car sales etc., individual sales, real estate are also prohibited. Non-profit events and cultural activities are a primary focus. You are always free to ask if a specific function can be posted.

  2. I have been a vocal musician for part of my life and a music audience participant for all of my years; therefore please do not misinterpret my following comment. In the beginning of our inaugural Bay Point website and subsequent instructions for the website, it was stated quite succinctly that the website was for news, information, etc.specifically for Bay Point residents and that no other information should be considered legitimate. If this continues to be the BPCA board’s direction, why is there an advertisement allowed on this site for the Panama City Music Association? Now, is it that anyone may post an advertisement? Just wondering…….and as I have questioned other action with no response, then I suppose this will be another indication that comments, and specifically questions, will be ignored by whomever it is that controls this site.

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