Note from the Warrens, regarding Meadows and Nicklaus courses

Note from the Warrens, regarding Meadows and Nicklaus courses

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This post was authored and authorized by Karen Warren. Several requests were made to post it on the Bay Point website, affording the widest possible exposure for members of the community.  This is good news for Bay Point and both the Meadows and Nicklaus courses.

Thank you for your positivity and responses. It is not quite “official” but hopefully by the end of the day we will have all the documents signed. We are excited about this next chapter (and maybe even learning to play golf).
I feel that I must comment that our purchasing the property had nothing to do with the HOA. Had Bill and Carl not approached John about financing / purchasing the property, we would all be up in arms over a ton of survery flags and major changes to the landscape of our beautiful neighborhood. I feel confident that they saved Bay Point from that headache. I am not comfortable with getting rid of people who are volunteers when they have been elected and can be replaced when their time is over. Now granted, I don’t agree with everything that goes on here and have had my own epic post office meltdown (not my finest moment), but many problems were from years ago~ this board is definitely taking the fall for a lot. Their skin is much thicker than mine!
John will post his plans for the courses somewhere when all is final. I’m not sure where since he was booted from this page. (Bay Point News & Information)
Aside from all of the neighborhood drama, we are truly excited and hope to have many functions and events where we can all enjoy the property as friends and neighbors.

Karen Warren


  1. Thank you John and Karen for stepping up to preserve our golf community. Best of luck with this new investment. Floyd

  2. Heartfelt thanks to both of you for what you have done and will do for our wonderful community…

  3. Congratulations on your purchase and more importantly, please congratulate your husband for getting kicked off the Facebook page…impressive and very cool!

    I wish you all nothing but success in your new venture.

  4. So perhaps it’s time to “un-boot” Mr Warren from the neighborhood FB page?!?

  5. Excited and grateful to you both! I’m sure the community is pleased. Bay Point is a wonderful community and it is on the right track for a better tomorrow!

  6. Thanks Karen – that’s very reassuring and we really appreciate it!

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