Nicklaus Course 2021 Budget Information – Bobby Jones Links

Nicklaus Course 2021 Budget Information – Bobby Jones Links

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In the last Zoom presentation I committed to making the BJL 2021 Budget and Assumptions Document available when it was received. BPCA received BJL’s document this evening. Please find below a copy of that document.

Bill Wanner
BPCA Board of Directors


  1. I don’t have Facebook. Is there going to be any comments on the January 16 vote about the purchase of this property? I’m rather surprised nothing has been said so far.

  2. Who came up with this budget? Was it the consultant that was paid $10,000?

  3. Thanks for sharing additional information.

    From a personal view, I will say that the innovation Bobby Jones Links brought to Bobby Jones GC was impressive. Who thought you could charge $10 to use a practice putting green and there would be lines and waiting times (grandparents, parents and youngsters) to play the “course”? Who thought a golf course restaurant, Boones, would become a popular gathering spot for the adjoining neighborhood…….in the Buckhead area of Atlanta?

    If 2020 proves one thing, nothing is predictable or certain…………but however the vote ends up, I suspect the community will manage and hopefully thrive…Again, I wish all of us the best of luck!

    • Thank you for your comments.

  4. I am neither an accountant nor a golf management specialist, however, I am missing the projected cost for bringing, and later keeping, the Nicklaus course up to “standards” that Torchlight will determine, as stated in the current contract. I suggest this is a “standard” that is not qualitatively described in the contract, and I suggest that the course has not been given the attention it deserves for some time now. The $60K profit anticipated in this plan may perhaps not be enough to cover that expense. Torchlight is requesting up to $401,092 for annual maintenance based on their current costs. Again, I do not see that expense included here.

    • The annual maintenance costs in the budgets more than meet or exceed the $401,092. Thank you for you comment.

  5. Okay, now show the budget and its assumptions. Also please clarify the previous information you presented on Bobby Jones Golf and explain why you misrepresented the company to the Bay Point Community.

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