Meadows ReUse Survey – INTERIM Results

Meadows ReUse Survey – INTERIM Results

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On Friday May 15, 2020 BPCA published to all of BPCA a survey regarding the Meadows Course and its potential reuse.  These are the INTERIM results after receiving 429 responses. Those 429 response all came from the on-line survey and they represent only 27% of the 1,550+/- households in Bay Point. A paper copy of the survey can be obtained at both the BPCA Office and the Post Office. The paper surveys can be returned to either the BPCA Office or the Post Office. Your participation is encouraged.

These two graphs depict the responses about building properties on the course and whether or not BPCA should buy the golf courses.

Respondents are not inclined to build residences on the Meadows. Only 34 respondents (8%) oppose buying the golf courses. Of the 395 responses favoring buying the golf courses 204 are favor but with reservations (49%) to buy the courses and 191 respondents (46%) chose to buy the golf courses without reservations.

This graph represents the preferred use of the Meadows course if it is acquired by the community. The three uses selected most often by those surveyed include a) “repair and reopen the course as it was” at 208 responses; b) “build a community center” at 197 responses and c) “create park and green space” at 156 selections.

This final graph represents the preferred amenities if a community center is added to the property. The four most popular amenities selected by respondents are 1) “clubhouse” at 67% selected; 2) “pool” at 58% selected; 3) “walking trails” at 50% selected and 4) “event space with kitchen facility” at slightly under 50%. In response to this question there were three other categories that polled over 170 selections (40% of responses): a) “workout room” – 184 responses; b) “dog park” – 176 responses and c) “concert area” – 174 responses.


  1. We are so fortunate to have the amount of green space we do in our community. I really like the idea of a concert area where we can hold weekly concerts on the green – especially since we have so many golf carts to provide transportation to/from. In cooler months we could use the area as a soccer field?? Also for the great number of dogs in the community a dog park would be wonderful. And walking/running trails especially under the trees at hot times of the year.

    I am not keen on trying to maintain a clubhouse, workout rooms. Bricks and mortor become very expensive over time. A pool is a consideration as well as a childs golf course.

  2. A team is still working on a possible purchase of the courses, and have not yet concluded any pricing. They are also studying current and past operating costs and potential operating costs if the courses were purchased and refurbished into 2 full 18 holes. So without conclusive numbers it is not possible to draw any conclusions on any $ impact to the community. Whatever action taken would be with community support.

  3. Has there been any information regarding the cost to owners to purchase or run a golf course? I understand they aren’t very profitable as many have closed. If Bay Point lost money would there be regular assessments to owners to keep it afloat?

  4. I believe the Meadows course needs to be re-opened as an 18 hole course, as before. The survey interim results clearly show that to be the preferred option. That’s unquestionably the highest and best use. Ideally, the Meadows and Nicklaus courses would be operated and maintained by a third party, as was the case pre-Michael. If BPCA were to acquire, and If there would be a special assessment by BPCA to cover their cost to acquire (how else would it happen?), then such assessment should be levied only against those members whose property values and views directly benefit from the presence of the course, namely those living along the course. It’s the same argument that canal property owners pay all the costs to maintain the canal while those away from the canal, receiving no direct benefit from it, pay nothing.

    The last thing I want to see is BPCA running golf courses. No expertise, no personnel, and no business doing so.

  5. Great to see a community feedback survey on issues that effect all Bay Point Property Owners. Was the survey directed to property owners or everyone including renters as that would make a difference how the person responded.

    I hope we continue to see more surveys like these that reflect community issues. Otherwise, how can the Board make appropriate funding decisions regarding if they don’t know what property owners think are the big issues. Let’s not forget who pays the bills for all the amenities and upcoming projects!

    • Steve, the survey was made available to folks registered at the BPCA web-site and that are members of the BPN&I Facebook page (BPN&I is reportedly for only those that live in Bay Point). Additionally, there are paper copies of the survey at the BPCA Office and the Post Office. Completed paper copies can be dropped off at the BPCA Office or the post office.

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