Meadows Golf Course Update – Torchlight/Kemper Sports

Meadows Golf Course Update – Torchlight/Kemper Sports

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Mr. Wanner,

I hope all is well! I wanted to shoot you a quick note to update you and some action items on the Meadows property:

    • Holes 2-8, 12-17 will be bush-hogged this weekend 8/23-8/25 by the same contractor. We continue to maintain old holes 1,18, 9, 10, 11 in-house.
    • We will be taking approx. 107 dead trees down on the property that are direct threats to homeowners property, again just dead trees that are threats.
    • The small bathrooms located by old #4 and #14 greens will be demolished in-house and removed.  We are waiting for Gulf Power completely cut off power from the structures and then we will proceed.

I will continue to update you as we progress on.  Thank you and have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Ryan P. Mulvey, PGA

General Manager | Bay Point Golf Club 


  1. Another slap in the face to the Bay Point Community and more specifically to the majority of owners on the Meadows, It is clear to see why these specific items are being addressed. First, the holes being maintained are those holes that might be viewed by those “outside” customers coming to play the fabulously maintained Nicholas Course. Torchlight wouldn’t want them to have to see an unsightly area on their way in. The rest of the Bay Point West people can just continue to live with the mess that they now see every day. Second, the tree issue is simply a legal liability and money talks. If a tree from their property falls on property or injures someone they would be liable. They don’t care if they look bad just covering themselves from possible lawsuits. Thirdly, we were just recently told that they were forced to put new metal roofs on some of the restroom buildings because their insurance paid them money specifically for that purpose and now they are simply going to tear one down that they just put a new roof on. How does that work? The other day I saw a golf course maintenance worker stop at the sprinkler control box on 16 and I took it as a positive sign. Maybe they are finally getting around to evaluate their equipment in preparation for bringing things back on line. But after he left I saw that all that was done was the box was ripped out and the wires to it cut off probably never to return. If we are going to sit idly by while they systematically dismantle all the infrastructure that use to be here to manage a golf course we are only letting them add more weight to their eventual argument that it’s too expensive to replace all things needed to make this a golf course again. Lastly, we are not even being subjected to another half ass mowing this time? All we get is a “bush-hog”. Next time will they just send a guy around with a weed whacker to hit the bad spots? Our board needs to realize this is not a friendly cooperation with a neighbor who cares about Bay Point. We need to aggressively pursue all legal avenues to force Torchlight to do what’s best for our community. They are not going to miraculously step up and fix things out of the goodness of their heart or because they care about us. If we have a document that states that they must have two golf courses in Bay Point then we need to take legal action to force them to do so.

  2. As a property owner on the Meadows fourth fairway, this is good news! Hopefully, the Meadows comes back as a golf course and not as a new community inside Bay Point West!

    • Please reread the letter. They are bush hogging, and cutting some dead trees, but they are also tearing down the restrooms on the Meadows course. Another person commented on the main page that they witnessed the sprinkler head controllers being ripped out by a golf course maintenance person on one of the holes on the Meadows. We have tried to stay positive and supportive, but this letter with other mounting evidence is disappointing.

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