Letter of Resignation from Lillian Cooper

Letter of Resignation from Lillian Cooper

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January 8, 2018

Dear Fellow Board Members and Staff,

As our Board year is soon coming to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your willingness to volunteer, and your dedication to Bay Point.

We have made a lot of progress this year, starting with getting our Fidelity Bond in conformance with Florida Statutes, getting a good financial strategy for maximizing the interest on our funds, hiring a very competent and responsive office and security staff, a new accounting firm, getting a handle on our budget, correcting inequities in resource and cost allocations, and in general implementing better organizational processes, including offering 401K plans to our employees to help us attract and retain high-quality employees.

We installed electronic signage at the Post Office to keep our owners up-to-date on Bay Point happenings, including the first-ever Bay Point “Oktoberfest.” We are updating the gate arms, currently installing new RFID readers. We expect to distribute tags to owners over the next several weeks and be up and running very soon with the much more dependable system.

The IT system and website are in much better shape, and we anticipate going live with the new website prior to the Annual Meeting and begin bringing our information activities into the 21st century.

The progress we made this year did not come easily. It is always easier to postpone action and avoid facing unpleasant facts. This was not our way. For better or worse we faced the problems, contended with them all, and solved many of them. You may have noticed there were few actual splits or disagreements within the Board. This is not because any one person magically compelled all others on the Board to obey him. It was because analysis of each problem led logically to the solution agreed upon. There is certainly room for disagreement, but we should leave no room for incivility or obsessions with personal issues. We on the Board have spent a great deal of time in reflective introspection and the decisions I was asked to make have weighed heavily upon me. I remain resolute; our decisions were in the best interest of the community going forward.

Perhaps the best validation of our success is that we have been approached by two additional associations in Bay Point, and are currently negotiating to provide their CAM services, underscoring these organizations recognize good services for good value when they see them.

Some of you are aware I was recently hospitalized for several days due to a cardiac incident, apparently precipitated by stress. While at this point my doctors do not think there was any lasting damage, they have strongly urged me (and my husband absolutely insists) that I reduce my stress level, which the largest stressor being BPCA. As I do not wish a repeat (or worse) of my recent incident, it is with regret I must take their advice. While I will remain your president until the end of this Board year, I will be unable to fulfill my duties and will have to leave the Board at the end of this Board year.

I will remain on the Board long enough to assure an orderly transition to a new administration and, of course, I remain available to provide any subsequent Directors with any institutional history my brief tenure as president may have created. Therefore, under Florida Statutes, and BPCA By-laws Article 8, First Vice President Ed Helms will assume my duties for the remainder of this Board year.

It has been an honor to have served with each and every one of you.


Lillian Cooper, President
Bay Point Community Association, Board of Directors

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