Golf Course Owner Has Stormwater Management Obligations

Golf Course Owner Has Stormwater Management Obligations

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Pursuant to the Bay Point Development of Regional Impact (DRI) development order, specifically Section 22 of the document, “The Stormwater Management System (SWM) will be maintained under the Bay Point Yacht & Country Club golf course maintenance programs.” The current golf course owner is a “successor in interest” of the Bay Point Yacht & Country Club. The stormwater management system of the Golf Course Properties is interconnected with the balance of the stormwater management system for the entirety of Bay Point.

In other words, the ponds on the golf course are owned by the golf course owner and are an integral part of the entire Bay Point Stormwater Management System. It is the responsibility of the golf course owner to maintain the system and keep the ponds inter-connectivity flowing ultimately to the system’s respective canal outfall. Best Management Practices dictate that the golf course keep the ponds flowing by restricting aquatic vegetation from blocking the inter-connecting pipe segments, as specified in a 2009 stormwater management report prepared by BPCA’s engineering firm.

The golf course owner was recently reminded of their SWM obligations by the BPCA general counsel.

You may be assured the BPCA board is diligently working on your behalf, with respect to restoration of the Meadows Golf Course. A satisfactory solution will not be achieved overnight, but we are working on it every day.


Carl Selph


  1. Recently had to hire a lawn service to cut the overgrown grass on the Meadows Golf Course adjacent to our back yard it was looking so bad. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Thank you so much!!! We are anxiously awaiting the restoration of the Meadows course.

  3. Great news! Thank you!

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