Food Delivery Service Issue Revisited – Driver License Required of all Non-Resident Drivers

Food Delivery Service Issue Revisited – Driver License Required of all Non-Resident Drivers

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The BPCA Security Oversight Committee and its general counsel have been working to solve the delivery service safety issue created by several rogue DoorDash drivers, which necessitated the temporary suspension of DoorDash drivers using the Bay Point roadways. The committees goal has been to provide minimal disruption to the food delivery service to our residents while still providing safe roadways for residents, guests, and invitees.

The security committee in an effort to focus its enforcement actions on non-compliant drivers instead of an entire organization, has instituted the following procedures:

  1. An electronic scanner will be used to scan the driver license of each visitor/guest and delivery driver at the Bay Point entrance gate when they stop to get their Gate Pass. Guest/Visitor or delivery drivers not able to produce a valid driver’s license will be denied entry.
  2. Driver’s receiving citations will be afforded opportunities for expedited hearings before suspensions can be imposed, pursuant to Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes.

As a result of the implementation of the above procedures, the suspension of DoorDash drivers from using the BPCA roadways has been lifted.

Carl Selph, BPCA Security Chairman


  1. Very good news! I am excited to see progress.

    Let’s keep the focus on our future!

    Bay Point is an amazing community with so many lovely people. I’m confident that our best interests are always going to be represented.

    Very soon, seasons are changing! How delightful.

  2. While the reversal in policy is most assuredly welcomed by the community, unfortunately it appears to have been resolved after two months of quite uncivil discourse, a community disrespected by at least one of their elected Board of Directors, a robust social media campaign against the DoorDash policy ban, and the threat of a recall. Perhaps a message is beginning to get through?

  3. Thanks (I guess). I am grateful, however, that this was checked into. I personally asked Captain Andersons to give you a call a few weeks ago and explain how the system worked to see if that would help. Whether they did or not I don’t know. I’m just tired of getting cold food at $150 a pop.

  4. This should have been the process from the beginning. Ban the individual, not the service.

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