Door Dash Access to be Denied

Door Dash Access to be Denied

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Attn DoorDash Users


  1. The lady who dropped off my Walmart groceries told me that she also delivers for Doordash and Shipt. Bahhhaaaaa I guess not all of them are banned!

  2. I am hoping to offer a solution. Can security keep a “BANNED” list of DoorDash drivers, then simply check their Driver’s License when they pull up to the gate? That would not take too long to do. This solution allows us to ban those who have no regard for our road rules, but allows residents to continue using the valuable service.

    I’m rather upset that one person or a few have the authority to stop access when so many of us use the service. Can’t we compromise?

  3. It seems as if this would be easily remedied through the app and reporting individual unsafe drivers. Bay Point Security knows the tag # of the cars entering the neighborhood as well as their destination. It wouldn’t be terribly difficult if there is a serious incident to report an unsafe driver via the app (I’m sure that would be much more successful than reaching out to doordash). I have no doubts that the impact of losing Bay Point to doordash’s bottom line is beyond negligible, but those residents with health or other concerns will be heavily affected by a lack of delivery services (in a time of global pandemic). Additionally, I have heard suggestions of using alternative services. This seems misinformed, as many of the drivers work for multiple companies in order to make a decent living. This seems like a bad precedent that could impact multiple services for those in need of them. If Bay Point extends this to Target deliveries, I would be very fearful of the wrath that ensued from my wife.

  4. Some people who have underlying conditions depend on that service for food to avoid the virus. Are you sure that’s something you want to start a precedent on? Seems a little harsh.

  5. My understanding is this was a single instance of a single driver being non compliant. I’ve also been told that Security has been told Door Dash drivers must be escorted from the gate to the residence and that Security is to go no more than 18 (not sure of the mph) miles per hour while escorting. My casual observation of this situation is it appears to be targeting on the part of Security and the Board. Has the Board obtained reputable legal opinion to protect Bay Point from a lawsuit that would surely be coming down since the Board has not banned any other delivery companies?

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