Comments added to Project Torchlight Update Post

Comments added to Project Torchlight Update Post

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Requests for the location of comments and documents regarding Project Torchlight have numerous. Please use the below link to take you to the Dec 23, 2020 posting of that information.


  1. When I purchased my home, it was understood that any amount raising dues had to be approved by the homeowners before money was assessed. The Board had no right to occur hundred of thousands of dollars in debt to the homeowners. In order to approve this amount the wording was changed in the DRI recently by the board as presented by Carl Self to let an “commercial organization” owning homes in Bay Point have several votes. The individual home owner loses out any right to say what they pay or happens in our community.

  2. The big argument for a Yes vote is for homeowners to control the destiny of the Nicklaus and what was once the Meadows golf course. Are you a Yes vote? Then you need to understand that per the Purchase and Sale agreement (PSA) it is the New Club that will have control, not the Bay Point Homeowners. Read that again, because your vote matters.

    Section 12 (b) (4) of the PSA states that the PLAN AND BUDGET for the property shall be prepared and deemed approved by Bay Point Community Association (Purchaser) as long as there is an approval by a supermajority of the New Club’s Board of Directors for the plan and budget.

    If the Special Assessment passes, then the New Club will ‘control the destiny’ of the golf course properties, not the homeowners.

    To any board member, what exactly do the Bay Point homeowners control, other than servicing all debts which encumber the Property, all improvements made to the property, and all deficits incurred by the operation of the golf courses?

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