Campaign Signs Prohibited in Bay Point

Campaign Signs Prohibited in Bay Point

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Bay Point Covenants & Restriction item #17 and BPCA Rule #95-3 prohibit the display of Campaign Signs in Bay Point.  Rule #95-3 prescribes fines from $50-$300 for violation of this rule.  Everyone is entitled to express their opinion but not with a sign in Bay Point – rather at the ballot box.


  1. Flags are not signs; the proscription apples to signs not to flags. Courts generally require that rules be “clear and unambiguous”.

  2. So does this include pressure washing a candidates name on the sidewalk With 2020 ?

  3. Does this mean I am not allowed to fly a campaign flag on my bike or other vehicle? This prohibits me from displaying a “sign” in my front yard I assume?

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