By-Laws mailed to all BPCA Members

By-Laws mailed to all BPCA Members

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At the regularly scheduled July 2019 Board of Directors meeting an updated version the BPCA By-Laws were presented and unanimously approved. Part of the Board’s vote included “restating” the By-Laws and recording them with Bay County Clerk of Court Office of Official Records.  A package including the latest version of the By-Laws was mailed (via US Mail) to all BPCA members on or about July 23rd, 2019.  You can access (registered users) the new By-Laws in the Documents section of this site (


  1. Dan – Thamk you for posting.


  2. Steve, here is some info that is contained in “Bay Point History” by Dottie Reams (1987) regarding the beginnings of Bay Point.

    By way of a little background a gentleman named William Byrd a landscaper from Atlanta saw Alligator Point form the air in one trip to the area. And now . . .

    “Malloy, who had lived in Panama City for several years in the mid-1940’s, became interested in Byrd’s report. Following his return to Columbus, Molloy made several trips to Panama City to assess the area.

    What he saw included a campground next to the lagoon (in the area where Turtlegrass Villas are now located), some lowland of Ti-Ti swamps, and surrounding hillocks of sand pines, live oak, scrub oak and palmetto. What he saw in his mind’s eye was the creation of an excellent yacht basin and exclusive resort. There was not an adequate yacht basin between Mobile and Tampa, and this location would fill that need.”

    In my research I have never found a clear “vision statement or mission statement” for our community. It seems that financial issues and the march of progress continually changed the focus of the community. To my thinking the severing of the commercial and residential aspects of the community has had profound effects on the “resort community” originally envisioned.

    However, there is enough originality still existing that the community might find a vision for the next generation or two and pursue it with vigor. One aspect of Bay Point that is over looked is the Bay Point Womens Club. They have been central to the community since its inception and might well be a leader in any rebound of the Bay Point community as it was “back in the day”.

  3. Look at page 12 of the amendment to by-laws.
    Article eleven
    Dues and Assessments
    A. Should the dates be 2010/2011?
    Or should they be 2020/2021?

    • The Amendment as stated is correct.

  4. Great job on the new revised BPCA By Laws. It’s a shame the Board didn’t think to add a BPCA Vision and Mission Statement in the beginning of the document. It would be nice to know what the vision and mission of the BPCA is?

    Keep up the good work.

    Steve Geczy

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