BPCA Security Report – March 2021

BPCA Security Report – March 2021

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Security Report March 2021

The Security Report for this month consists of summaries of the two incidents below. The summaries were written by our Director of Security, Jim Moore, and were printed in the March 2021 issue of the Bay Point News, newspaper.

If you wish to gain a factually true understanding about our Security Department’s actions regarding these two incidents, I suggest you read the summaries below. With respect to the DoorDash issue, 7 of its drivers received 10 citations (speeding, reckless driving, careless driving, etc.), within a 25 day period.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl Selph
1st Vice President & Security Chairman

DoorDash BPCA Security Issue

We live in a community where about 97% of the population is not prone to complain unless there is something very unusual or something that simply defies explanation taking place; and then they ask questions, which is not only their right but in some cases it is their responsibility. DoorDash comes to mind when we look for the exceptions and so there must be an explanation as to why it appeared that Doordash was suddenly denied entrance into Bay Point. To begin with this was not a sudden decision; it occurred after a number of reports that confirmed that DoorDash was willfully ignoring our rules and our regulations, and more importantly they were not only ignoring our rules and regulation they were endangering our population, our pets, and our property. No other delivery had or was creating the havoc created by DoorDash during their deliveries. It was not just one driver, it was several DoorDash drivers traveling at speeds of 45 and in one case more than 50 miles an hour on our Bay Point roads. No other delivery service had such a record ever in our community and I know because I have been doing this for a very long time. Had it been one or two drivers, we would have handled it a bit differently. We would have banned those drivers. but this was different. Blowing through stop signs at 20 miles an hour, exiting Bay Point through the Thomas Drive entrance side is not just poor judgment; it is a willful attempt to escape and avoid our security no matter how dangerous this action might be to our residents. With the help of a resident who was and may be again some day a frequent user of DoorDash, I spent several days trying to reach out to DoorDash with no success. Finally, with help from a Chick-Fil-A supervisor, I got to talk to a Door Dash person. After being passed around to a number of uncaring DoorDash employees hoping to just get rid of me, I finally got to talk to someone who claimed to be live and listening. I explained that I represented an HOA community and that we were having a problem with DoorDash that needed to be resolved. I made it clear that we were not a law enforcement agency but we were empowered by Florida State Statute 720 to maintain and oversee the conduct of vehicles traveling over our community roads. She assured me that she would take care of the situation and after about 3 days I receive the following email from DoorDash.

Hi James, We believe it’s important to assist law enforcement authorities with legitimate investigations, while also protecting the privacy of those who use the DoorDash platform. For that reason, authorized law enforcement using an official government domain may send requests to LERT@DoorDash.com or visit doordash.com/lert. Law enforcement should include in their request clear grounds for the legal basis for the request. Detailed specifics on the information requested. We will be unable to process overly broad or vague requests that do not identify the specific information sought. The name of the issuing authority, the badge/ID number of the responsible agent or officer, an email address from a law enforcement domain, and a direct contact number for the responsible agent or officer. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, and I would be happy to help. your reference number for this contact is 169627821.  Best, Mike DoorDash Trust and Safety

I sent the following reply to DoorDash even though it was apparent from their email that they did not understand the problem and had no interest in solving the situation. To Whom it may concern:  Bay Point is a gated community that operates under Florida State Statute 720. Because this community of more than 5,000 people owns and maintains the road system, we, in accordance with State Statute 720, have and exercise the right to maintain the roads and provide the security required. Our security has for more than 40 years, using radar as the primary source, issued traffic citations for various infractions of our very well posted requirements for use and passage over Bay Point roads. Since January 1st, 2021, DoorDash has endangered pedestrians, golf cart operators and other users of our roadways on an all too frequent basis. We have contacted Chick-Fil-A, a known primary user of DoorDash, because as you well know we are having difficulty contacting DoorDash and have advised them (you) that if the fines as outlined on the attached 8 citations issued and copies enclosed are not satisfied on or before Sunday, February 14, 2021, we will no longer allow DoorDash to enter and make deliveries within Bay Point, affective 0700 hours on Monday February 15, 2021. I hope you are able to make arrangements to satisfy the attached citations in a timely manner so your service is not interrupted. To do so, contact the Bay Point Community Association (BPCA) 850-234 2727.

                Director of Security 

                James Moore

There has been no response from DoorDash to this date 2/22/2021 and we have suspended their ability to enter Bay Point on 2/15/2021 until the situation has been resolved. For the next 5 days from 2/10/21- 2/14/2021 while waiting for a response, we escorted DoorDash to and from their deliveries to prevent any further difficulties with their behavior. So it is hard to understand those who suggest we did not attempt to deal with DoorDash in a civil and meaningful manner. It is DoorDash who needs to step up to the plate and settle this if they wish to re-enter Bay Point.

Wahoo Road Pollination Project Traffic Issue

On February 20,2021, my wife Jane, Catherine Stanton and I were on our way home from the annual meeting when I got a phone call that a parking citation was issued to the women planting vines and flowers to improve the looks of the fence line on the backside of Wahoo Road. On our way home, we stopped by the fence and I told them that the citation was voided. Everyone was in a good mood–there did not seem to be a problem of any nature at all with a single person as we were  leaving. As everyone who knew someone in or out of my car greeted each other, there did not appear to be a problem and so we left.

There is a difference between the 97% of residents who for the most part want to improve Bay Point and all of the entities that operate within Bay Point and on behalf of Bay Point. Then there is the 3% who need to find something they can blowup, make completely bogus charges about, and then rant and rave over social media about some supposed injustice that has taken place. Well, fortunately for those who work in Bay Point Security and those who lead the organization  and those who live here, Bay Point Security, unlike any other entity within Bay Point–Security has developed and has in place several layers of leadership and oversight designed specifically to ensure that all the actions taken by the officers of Bay Point Security including the leadership meets a specific criteria. Bay Point Security has a Supervisor, and above the Supervisor is the Director of Security and above that is a BPCA Vice President to oversee Security and then there is the BPCA Board to ensure that things are accomplished correctly. For many charges especially those where citations are issued, there is an Appeals Board to adjudicate differences that from time to time need to be dealt with.  So let’s get back to this parking citation that was so egregious that it caused a social media darling to come unhinged and go on a rant. From the phone call to the time I arrived on the scene of the parking crime less than 5 minutes had elapsed. During that time I talked to the Patrol Officer and asked him why he issued the citation. Without batting an eyelash, he said “because they were parked on the sidewalk.” Well, that is a violation for sure, so I said thanks a lot and moved on. The thing we stress throughout all of our training is that officers do not make judgments on whether a citation will be issued based on circumstances, simply because that is subjective and it is that type of decision we want to avoid. As the Director of Security, I arrived at the scene of the crime to discover that there was no life threatening trauma apparent and that there appeared to be no mental complications brought on by this horrendous injustice created by an insensitive Security Officer issuing a parking citation.

After I arrived home, Carl Selph, the Vice President in charge of Security called and asked about the citation (I informed him it would be voided.) and the need for an extra cone for those working for protection. Carl failed to mention the mental carnage that must have been apparent by then created by the issuance of this particular parking citation. Not only that, but he too must have been traumatized by the whole situation because he immediately took his dog, Buddy (who I am told upon learning of the parking citation crime went into a state of deep depression) and left on a week’s vacation so the two of them could recuperate.

Within an hour after the citation was issued by the Security Officer and just 55 minutes after it had been voided by the Director of Security, I was notified and sent a copy of the social media posting concerning the “great” parking ticket caper, complete with a picture of the citation. After I read the posting, it reaffirmed my position that following social media is a waste of time and energy when looking for accurate and useful information!

So I like Bay Point and I like the people here. Most residents are wonderful people, and this is a great community. However, to the 3% who carry a ladle full time because they feel compelled to stir the pot, I say this—Get a life!!  


  1. Carl, All of us HAVE LIVES that have been disrupted by your actions. MORE than 3% of the members of this community are negatively affected by your poor decisions. Unfortunately, we do not have “the time” to stir the pot, but are choosing to spend our time making others aware of your hunger for control and stubbornness, since you do not seem to have much regard for the needs of others when it comes to the DoorDash debacle. It saddens me that I am taking time away from my family to respond to your message, but feel compelled to speak out for what is right. We simply want to enjoy our rights as consumers and neighbors. No one should be able to dictate which delivery company we chose to use, and the insistence that the ban was done for safety reasons is a weak attempt to shield the fact that it was a poor, rash decision. An absurd thing to do. I’m thinking that less than one-half of a percent of the people in BP were able to make that decision for the other 99.5% of the community. Instead of listening to what those in the community want and need, you gave yourself the power to punish all of us. Chick-Fil-A is not even close to the only restaurant that solely uses DoorDash. Furthermore, the person that delivered my groceries last week told me that she delivers food for three different companies, and she commented that the “ban” on Doordash is laughable because those drivers also work for several different delivery services. This is only hurting the citizens of the Bay Point. WHY NOT CHECK ID’S AND BAN ONLY THE DOORDASH DRIVERS THAT HAVE SPEEDING VIOLATIONS?

  2. Carl, DoorDash Inc. is a nationwide company located in in San Francisco, CA. with revenues of 1.9 billion per year. They’re not some company operating out of a shack somewhere over in town, so I doubt they give a tinker’s damn about Bay Point and our rules. Also, my understanding is that their drivers are all independent contractors who also drive for other companies – so while you may be stopping them operating under DoorDash, they may still be coming in under another organization. So these actions only hurt the residents living here.

  3. While your factual recall of the door dash situation maybe all well and true. You have failed to listen to your community once again. In your unilateral banning of door dash you have imposed your will on this community. There were many different solutions to this problem available. Had the consumers of this service been notified, a more beneficial resolution could have been reached . The residents in this community are the ones truly being punished by your autocratic ruling. The drivers you seek to punish are not. Our neighbors who have paid for their subscription to this service and rely on it for their personal safety are the ones punished. I would contend that with what we pay for security a far more amicable solution could have been found.

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