BPCA Property Acquisition Briefing – ZOOM!

BPCA Property Acquisition Briefing – ZOOM!

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Golf Course Property Acquisition – ZOOM Presentation

On Tuesday December 8th at 4:00PM BPCA will host a Zoom Presentation regarding the potential acquisition of the golf course properties from Torchlight. The meeting will be held on-line from 4:00PM until 6:00.

The meeting will accommodate 30 people. This e interested in participating should call the BPCA Office (850-234-2727) and reserve a seat for the meeting. You will need to supply an email address – this is how the “join the meeting” information will be communicated.

The meeting agenda looks like this: a) brief introduction by Bill Wanner; b) presentation of the 26 minute video; and c) Question and Answer session ( 60-90 minutes).

Here are the ground rules.  All viewers will be muted when Bill officially starts the meeting.  After Bill’s opening comments the video will be played. Once the video is finished the Q&A session will begin. To ask a question you will need to “raise your hand“, an electronic notification that you want to speak. You will be called by name and your mic will be opened for your question. Once completed with the question/answer your mic will be muted again and Bill will call on the next person.  If you decide you need to ask another question raise your hand again.

This process will keep the meeting orderly, moving along, and provide everyone the chance to ask their question and hear everyones Q&A.

Hopefully we will all work together to make this a success . . . perhaps if it iss successful there will be future uses of Zoom.

  •  “raise your hand” = at the bottom of the Zoom screen click on the participants icon and select “raise hand”.


  1. can we view past zoom meeting

  2. I understand from the Bay Point office that the Zoom meeting is full and filled up quickly last Friday. Will additional Zoom meetings be held?
    Is there a reason only 30 people are permitted to attend? I ask as Zoom can support a much larger number of participants.

    Thank you for accommodating the request for a safer option to understand this very important information.

    Theresa Zuckowsky
    Reflections Owner

    • Thank you for the question. Zoom does handle many more people than the 30 that was seated for the first Zoom presentation. The major constraint to the number of people in Zoom seats is the Question and Answer period. With the in-person meetings and now with the first Zoom meeting these Q&A sessions take about 90 minutes. Yesterday’s Zoom Q&A session took about 75 minutes. The next Zoomer will be Saturday the 12th of December at 3:30 Central time and there will be 40 seats available. We will continue to do these presentations for the foreseeable future. Once again please call the office and make a reservation. The office will request your email address in order to send you the log in credentials. Also, the briefings are intended for owners of property in Bay Point, as they are the voters. Non-owners take an available seat from owners that might like to ask questions. Your support is appreciated.

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