BPCA Project Torchlight Community Briefings

BPCA Project Torchlight Community Briefings

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  1. We are planning to put the video on our web site and include a list of frequently asked questions. In person questions and answers are much better, but our intention is to get the information to owners as much and as easily as possible. So, lets see if this will work.

  2. Are there plans to video this meeting so that those of us who choose not to attend may see the discussions? Thank you.

  3. When will a copy of the Torchlight Presentation be made available to residents who were not able to or not allowed to attend one of these meetings?

    Thank you,

    Larry McKinney
    Cobia Drive Resident

  4. You must be better than the average home owner I Bay Point! I’m am sorry for you and will include you in my prayers!

  5. Thanks for the notice of this event and invitation to attend this important meeting. However, due to the requirement of having someone take my temperature just to be allowed to attend a public meeting when I am not sick is an infringement on my dignity and therefore I respectfully decline your offer to attend. I refuse to be challenged everywhere I go regarding whether or not I have a temperature, or worse, having someone tell me to wear a piece of paper or cloth to cover my face. What happens to the person at the meeting entrance door if the attendee’s temperature is deemed to be too high? Is the temperature taker a medical specialist or doctor? Will the temperature taker recommend the person see a physician or ask them to go to the nearest emergency room? Who has determined the maximum temperature of a person before they are told not to attend a public meeting? I guess the standard reply will be “the CDC mandates this action”. That to me is a cop out answer. Does anyone think there will be a CDC Temperature Control Police person there to enforce this activity? No one has the right to go around taking peoples temperature unless the person is requesting their temperature be taken by a qualified medical specialist. I assume that the normal CDC progressive requirement will be to have a negative virus test to attend future public meetings! Yes, you can tell I am fed up with all these illegal supposed “mandates” from the Public Health Departments. However, we do not have to play their silly games. I for one am not playing along.

    I look forward to hearing the results of the meeting in future newsletters or via this link. Thanks for taking the time to keep us residents informed of the current status of our community.


    Steve Geczy
    Marlin Circle Resident

  6. How about a zoom meeting with registration to allow more participants?

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