BPCA Gate Follies #5

BPCA Gate Follies #5

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After a week without a gate crashing episode a resident “breaks the peace, and the gate”.  The passenger in this video rented the Slingshot vehicle from California Cycles up on the beach. Her friend, the resident, is driving the Slingshot. He tries to scoot in behind the truck and trailer but doesn’t make it.  The slingshot is a new vehicle for California Cycles and the owner of the franchise was none too happy about the car being involved in an unreported accident. The license plate led to the renter who in turn led to the driver/resident. Watch the video and you will see the driver and passenger both cover up because they know the gate is coming down. Additionally, watch them not even slow down but just drive off, leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage.  They didn’t find Bay Point Security, Bay Point Security found them.  The resident was cited and has been fined for damaging the gate.

It isn’t worth it folks – go around to the resident’s gate!


  1. Do not believe a manned gate is needed to deter stupids – stupid folks just do stupid things. Make them, not others, pay dearly and the principles of negative reward will pay off or at least offset the cost of having an entry gate.

  2. I would offer it is time we have a serious discussion about a manned gate at this location. How much time and $ has been wasted dispatching security to fix this gate and track down violators? I would argue too much, but, it will continue until we do something about it. It’s our money folks – I recommend reaching out to our community leaders and let them know what you think.

  3. I am forever amazed at the stupidity of some people. The sign clearly says that we are being captured on camera. Did these people think they were invisible? You just can’t fix stupid! Thank you for sharing these videos. And thank you security staff for your diligence.

  4. I hope many people get to see these videos. Glad our security staff found the guilty person and presented him with a large fine. Cudos to the person that stopped to pick up the mess!

    Great work BP Security! A percentage of the fines should go to increase your salaries.

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