BPCA Gate Follies #2

BPCA Gate Follies #2

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Gate crashing continues in Bay Point with the Club 72 and the Thomas Drive gates being the most prone to mischief.  The fine has been set at $1,000 for tampering, damaging or otherwise compromising the gate or the electronic equipment used to control access to Bay Point.

When a gate does not open please go around to the Resident’s Gate and let the security officer know that the gate you were attempting to use did not open.  It will save you a lot of aggravation.  Oh, by the way, please notice that the gates are being recorded.  And for those that think the video does not show enough clarity to identify someone you should know that the videos used to display on the web are small and of lesser detail. In the “real” video you can read the watch dial on a person’s wrist as well as most distinguishing characteristics on their vehicle.

Be careful out there and remember if the gate does not open go to the Resident’s Gate!

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