Bay Point Security Auxiliary – Volunteers Wanted

Bay Point Security Auxiliary – Volunteers Wanted

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The Bay Point Security Department is seeking volunteers for its newly established auxiliary. Members of the auxiliary will enhance the security patrol operation by working with a patrol officer and assisting in identifying speeding vehicles.

Specifically, auxiliary members will be trained in the operation and use of the speed detection radar gun. Members will not be involved in pursuit of speeders or in confronting alleged violators by issuing citations. The volunteer members will use their own vehicles (automobile or golf cart), establish themselves in a fixed location, and identify speeding vehicles using the radar gun. Upon detecting a speeding vehicle, the auxiliary member will radio a patrol officer with the necessary vehicle identifying information and the patrol officer will handle issuing the citation. An auxiliary member should expect to be on duty for 1 or 2 hours at a time; the number of duty days an auxiliary member will be asked to work will be dependent on the members personal preference and the number of volunteers.

Speeding and reckless vehicle operation has become an ever increasing problem and unsafe situation within Bay Point. The use of resident auxiliary members is a way to expand the patrol force without an unfavorable budgetary impact.

If you are interested in serving your community as a member of the security auxiliary, please contact the BPCA office (850-234-2727) with your name and contact information.


  1. I am not a fan of turning neighbors into speed patrollers. This is inviting an un-neighborly atmosphere. Are the volunteers going to hesitate to report a friend/next door neighbor, or be more likely to report strangers or people whom they are not so fond of? Is this legal? Are traffic citations public record or are privacy issues involved? It seems to me that neighbors being involved in the process of reporting one another will lead to unfavorable talk, relations, and gossip. I am wondering if I am interpreting all of this correctly. So a volunteer uses a radar gun to target a speeder, radios security, then the officer who did not witness the violation will write a citation? Do radar guns take videos to ensure the correct resident is reported? Again, I think this plan is very questionable, and needs to be reconsidered. I, too, am opposed to the new EXPENSIVE (?) speed bumps that are an inconvenience and are horrible on our vehicles. It seems everyone is being punished for a few that violate the speed laws. I cannot help but wonder who was really involved in that decision, and I am doubtful that a majority of the homeowners are in favor of them.

  2. I live at 429 Wahoo Road, and I don’t like the type of speed bumps that were installed on this section of Wahoo Road.. I was out of town and missed any discussion about the need for and type of speed bump; was there any? Did you collect any data about number of speeders on this section? Please send me any discussion and data. Assuming there was a proven need for speed bumps, please replace these bumps with the more gentle kind. The present bumps require you to nearly stop to avoid damage to your car; I thought the point of bumps was to slow traffic, NOT to be a de-facto stop sign. Thanks, Dick Winter

    • Exactly! I agree! I would love to see data!

  3. Another thought regarding sppeeders in our community.

    After doing a little more research regarding community HOA solutions to speeders, I found this website;

    I realize this approach may cost more than installing speed humps/bumps or asking for community security volunteers, it is worth a discussion. What do you think about speed signs? Please leave your comments here as anyone interested can view them vs email traffic.

    Now that we have speed bumps/humps on Wahoo Road, it will only be a matter of time before it is suggested to add more of the same to Marlin Circle and other main thoroughfares! Yes, I am personally interested in this topic because I live on Marlin Circle, and as you may guess, do not support what was installed on Wahoo Road.
    Thanks for making your comments here.

    Steve Geczy

  4. This is a great idea. However, what are the minimum qualifications to be a Volunteer? BP Resident?, Age-18?, No current BP Community Violations pending? Initial training hours, and location, Etc, etc.

    I have an additional suggestion to reduce speeding violations; Hire additional Security Staff and increase their hourly wages. If it means increasing the Annual HOA dues, so be it. It’s very sad when I see School Buses speeding on Marlin Circle!

    Steve Geczy

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